Sollers-Isuzu joint venture began collecting N-Series chassis

At the company Sollers-Isuzu started assembling the chassis Isuzu NQR90 capacity of 6.6 tons. Sollers-Isuzu plant is located at the production site "Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant" (part of the holding company "Sollers"). according to announced plans this year to be released around 500 chassis. NQR90 model has become the most in the line of duty chassis Isuzu N-series that are going on, "UAZ".

According to the director of proceedings for the production of car Isuzu JSC "Sollers-Isuzu" Paul Golovin: "Today we have started the production capacity of the vehicle Isuzu seven tons. Main differences from those models that we made earlier — it's air brake system, the increased volume of fuel tank and the engine power and some changes that improve usability, — mirrors, brakes, parking brake. "

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