Something above the surface of the moon


This mysterious blue glowing object hanging in the atmosphere above the surface of the moon, was discovered by researchers at the photos taken by Apollo 14.

If you recall a story about some glowing balls that saw astronaut Buzz (Edwin) Aldrin, it is possible to photograph something that actually took place to be on the moon, and not interfere with photography.

Actually the story itself:

When in July 1969 launched a rocket to the moon with the ship "Apollo 11" and astronauts Neil Armstrong, M. Collins and E.Oldrinom, then after a few hours of the flight crew reported to the earth, that they are pursued by some glowing balls, repeating all the maneuvers of "Apollo." And 20 years later, it became known about the letter Armstrong's close friend to President Bush. It provides, inter alia, stated: "At a distance of a quarter of the way to the Moon to the" Apollo-11 "approached to a distance of three feet three unknown object …

When the lander began to decline, three UFOs diameter of 15 — 30 m "prilunilis" on the edge of the crater. " But that's not all. When astronauts set foot on the lunar surface, the operator at the center of NASA in Houston in response to the question: "What's going on?" — Heard from the crew something incredible, "3des are some great facilities, sir! Huge! Oh my God! .. They stand on the other side of the crater! Are on the moon and watching us! ".

In the future, when the lunar program saw mysterious objects and other U.S. astronauts. From unofficial sources, for example, it was reported that the mysterious discs approached with "Apollo 12" and the haunted "Apollo 13".


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