Sophia Great first became world champion in fencing, having won an American invincible

Great Russian saber fencer Sofia for the first time in his career, won the World Championship gold fencing, which takes place in an Italian Catania.


In the individual tournament, won the Grand Final by a margin of one injection at two-time Olympic champion, invincible American Mariel Zagunis. Russian woman interrupted Zagunis winning streak at major tournaments — Mariel previously won two Olympics and the last two World Championships.


In the final Zagunis immediately led 4:1, 7:3, and finally — 12:5. But in a virtually hopeless situation Sophia has proven that it is really great, not only by name. The next segment of the battle, she won with a score of 9:1 and led — 14:13. American leveled the score — 14:14, but perhaps it would be unfair if such a jerk Russians proved fruitless. It is understood by all, including Ms. Luck was on our side — 15:14.

"I was always a little lacking to win. The more experienced and stronger than my opponent has, the more interesting and easier to fence I'm with her, because we were playing by the same rules. And when the enemy was below the level I and I received blows illogical, they put me in a deadlock. Then I realized that I only learned to win from weaker rivals comprehend science to win "- shared the secret of champion.

Our Julia Gavrilova also won a bronze medal for the first time the World Cup, losing in the semifinals of the same Zagunis (8:15).

Competitions sablistok were of great importance not only from the point of view of the fight for the medals of the championship, but also because in order to take part in the 2012 Olympic Games, it is necessary to act cool in individual competition — team tournament in London will not.

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