Sosnowski shipyard launched the supply ship SOSNOVKA-4 project DCV47

October 8, 2012 Sosnowski Shipyard (CEO Murat Duguzhev) launched the fourth supply vessel for Kamchatka project DCV47 (building number 10503) "SOSNOVKA-4."

Customer — the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation.


The vessel is constructed in accordance with the Federal target program "Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia until 2013" and will be operated by the State Unitary Enterprise of Kamchatka "KamchatTransFlot."

The first two barges of "SOSNOVKA-1" and "SOSNOVKA-2" is already successfully used in Kamchatka.

According to the press service of the administration of Kamchatka, approved by the Regional Ministry of Property and Land Relations tariffs for cargo vessels of "SOSNOVKA" almost 2-fold lower than for commercial vessels. This has a positive effect on the prices of food and goods to be delivered to remote villages of the region.

Authorities in the Region advised entrepreneurs in remote areas of lower food prices.

"The market price of, for example, for delivery to Nikolsky, — said Deputy General Director of State Unitary Enterprise" Kamchattransflot "Dmitry Grin'ko — 11.5 rubles per kilogram of cargo. Our price — 5 rubles 20 kopecks, that is actually 2 times lower . "

According to the head of the Agency for Local Government of the Kamchatka Territory Sergey Lebedev, given that the transport logistics of up to 30% of the cost of food, the prices in the shops for those localities where are sailing barges, should be reduced by at least 15%. The task set by the Kamchatka Territory Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin.

"The heads of municipalities, we sent recommendations them to discuss with employers the opportunity to reduce prices due to reduced transport costs, — said Sergey Lebedev. — All the information about the cargo, tariffs and product names will be posted on our website, so that every citizen could see what load, how and at what price came in a distant municipality. "

In addition, it is planned to place this information on the bulletin boards in the settlements, the residents themselves could control pricing in local stores.

As of June 7, 2012 "SOSNOVKA-1" and "2-SOSNOVKA" made 7 flights in the Nikolsky and Tilichiki, bringing nearly a thousand tons of cargo.

In addition to building materials and technology, "Sosnovka" driven to remote areas of the food. Only the first 3 flights a Nikolsky was delivered over a 22-tons of food for local entrepreneurs.

"We carry everything: vegetables, fruit, — said Dmitry Grin'ko — flour, sugar, salt, butter, cereals. Bids very much."

KNURLED Marine self-propelled barge carrying capacity of 250 tons of the project is for general cargo, bulk, containerized cargo on the cargo deck, wheeled and tracked vehicles chablon way raid loading and unloading of ships, the delivery of these goods to the wild coast with the possibility of dehydration in the sand and gravel soil and providing horizontal unloading of cargo delivered by the ship's bow ramp or cargo crane.

The designer — Marine Engineering Bureau.
It has the following characteristics:
Overall length — 42.60 m
Length BP — 38.40 m
Overall width — about 8.82 m
Width — 8.60 m
Summer freeboard draft — 2.0 m
Full speed — 9 knots.
Main engines — 2 to 256 kW.

RS Class: KM * Ice February 1 R1 AUT3 OMBO.

Load capacity cargo deck — 15 tonnes per axle vehicles or tracked vehicle weight up to 60 tons

Container, TEU — 12 units.

Cargo crane — 7.3 m (20 m boom).
Bookmark the lead ship Project "SOSNOVKA-1" (building number 10500) was held 13.01.10. The descent took place on 13.05.11. Rented 06.08.11.
Bookmark second vessel "SOSNOVKA-2" (building number 10501) was held on 18.01.10. Rented 06.08.11.
Bookmark third vessel "SOSNOVKA-3" (building number 10502) was held on 28.02.11. The descent took place on 05/10/12.
Bookmark fourth ship "SOSNOVKA-4" (building number 10503) was held on 11.03.11. The descent took place on 08.10.12.

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