Souls of the dead are looking for the new bodies



Recently often write about the cases of reincarnation — moving soul of the dead person in the body of a newborn baby. But the soul of the deceased, and his memory and life experience, and can move into the body of a grown man. And in this case almost entirely relocated soul takes possession of consciousness and psyche of the person.

Strange consequences of clinical death

As you know, at the time of death, the soul leaves the body. But this body may not yet be quite hopeless. For a time after the soul has left it, it probably lends itself to revive. And in these moments, then abandoned his own soul in the body and the soul is infused some other person who has just died.

One person died once and for all. His heart had no choice but to leave the physical body. However, after leaving her soul for some reason flew blurred by heights, and found a new body — that's the one that left the own soul, and that can still be revived.

In practice, it looks like this: The patient was released from clinical death. He's in the clear consciousness, but none of the relatives and friends do not know and can not remember his life. But suddenly begins to remember someone else's life …

In the 1970s, the foreign press wrote about the 12-year-old Elena Marquand, a resident of West Berlin. The girl suffered a serious injury and extended periods of consciousness, waking up, no longer recognize loved ones and understand the native German. Instead, spoke in Italian, which he has never known.

According to her, she was called Rosetta Kastilyani. All her life she has lived uninterruptedly in Italy and there in thirty years, died from an accident. Helen Rosetta-interested scientists. She was taken to Italy. The girl knew his town and his own house, and when he saw his old-daughter, called to her by a friend to both of them childhood nickname.

A similar case occurred in the 20-ies of XX century, at the height of Spanish flu epidemic that claimed, according to various estimates, between 50 and 100 million lives. In a crowded Prague morgue suddenly came to life one of the corpses. According to hospital records, it was someone Karel tour, a resident of Prague. Cousin, who had come to visit him, he did not recognize. On the same day he was discharged from the hospital. But he went to his apartment in the city, but somewhere in the countryside. In a certain village, he went to a house and said that he's the boss. In for a name and the name of the owner and led many of the details of "their" lives here.

Police later found that the real owner died of Spanish flu, almost simultaneously with Karel tour, and their corpses were lying in a morgue. It remains unknown how the Thurn learned so much about the deceased owner of the house, because in that village no one had never seen, believed that the transmigration of souls most likely to occur during the mass deaths — epidemics or wars. The most famous case occurred in World War II.

Risen Kandinsky

It is believed that the transmigration of souls most likely to occur during the mass deaths — epidemics or wars. The most famous case occurred in World War II.

David Chitlahe Paladin was a typical native American heartland. He studied as a whole, in a normal school, diligence was no different, even opposite — several times found himself in a correctional prison for teenagers. V1944 soldier, he arrived in Europe. He took part in the battle, was severely wounded, captured and tortured. The Germans of his dying was put in a concentration camp. Englishmen who came here found him among the dead. The body was identified by fingerprints and gathered to send to the U.S., when he discovered that the young soldier breaks pulse.

David treated in European hospitals, then moved back home. Two and a half years, he could not understand and did not recognize anyone, and when he finally came to, the others said in broken English: "I am an artist, my name is Vasily Kandinsky."

First, decide that it is not in itself, but the young man soon proved to everyone that mentally quite healthy. However, in English, he expressed himself with a strong accent, before unusual for him.

And, even more surprising, he knew the Russian and French, who have never learned. And in Russian without an accent and spoke quite competently.

Later, when this opportunity interested journalists and scientists discovered that the famous Russian avant-garde artist Vasily Kandinsky died in 1944 in France at the age of 78 years to the days when David was in the cadaveric Paladin German concentration camp barracks.

David was trying to learn more about his American life. To this end he led an active correspondence with relatives and friends paladin. At the same time, anywhere without learning this, he began to paint with oil. Critics, which they were shown to be sure that it is the originals Kandinsky.

Later, David walked away from Kandinsky's painting style became less and generally pay attention to drawing. His passion was playing the piano. And this was no explanation in his previous life, the researchers found that Kandinsky had a real musical education and enjoyed playing this instrument. Just five years after his miraculous recovery led by Paladin art studio and at the same time (just finished 6th grade regular school!) Lectured in theology at the University of Denver.

Maniac — he is in a new body maniac

In 1964, the Texas state prison during a riot killed two dozen guards and inmates. Home guard Jimmy a long time to come out of the coma. When he came to, he found he did not remember anything of what happened to him before the injury. But it appeared unlikely for him habits and Mexican accent. Having been released from the hospital, he did not even said goodbye to his family, he went from Texas.

Some time later, in different places of the American Midwest, a series of attacks on women. Detectives learned the own style of a famous serial killer named, Mexican by birth. But this was a long-maniac is caught, kept in the Texas prison and killed during a riot prisoners. To make sure that he is dead, opened his grave and examined the body. There was no doubt that it was just his body. But in this case, it turned out that the women raced his double, an exact copy …

Houma eventually caught and subjected to a psychiatric examination. He admitted that he had not Home, and the very Mexican, who was imprisoned and killed during a riot. He became so after his death, and has no idea how to get the body of Houma. He was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he died shortly afterwards. The mystery of his remains unsolved.

It is logical to ask why in the cases described, the bodies were animated by the souls of other people, not their own?

Scientists from the response we probably still do not hear soon. But there is an opinion in the occultists. They believe that the souls are strong and the weak. Severe heart in contrast to weak, can re-implanted in the human body. They inhabit, as a rule, in the body of babies. But there may dwell in the adult body, replacing them their soul mates. According to this theory, the soul Kandinsky, Mexican and Czech maniac villager were strong. Therefore, they revived the almost dead Paladin Houma and Karel Thurn

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