Soviet-Norwegian TYULENEV war

In April 1920, hundreds of Norwegian fishing vessels invaded the inland waters of the Russian Federation — between Murmansk and Arkhangelsk and began an unprecedented, fight predatory seals. Were killed tens of thousands of these animals. Destroyed even pregnant females and newly born detenyshi.Severnogo Navy did not exist, and coastguard boats in those years in the area was not — yet there was a civil war, and a protest note to the Russian Federation Norway simply "did not notice".

Therefore, in the spring of 1921 in the Russian Federation was ordered confiscation of intruders, their gear and catch and prosecute those offenders. And when, with the beginning of the fishing season, the White sea again invaded Norwegian armada of fishing vessels, boats Border Guard detained several poaching schooners. In response, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry sent a note to the insolent demand at the notion of a "Soviet territorial waters" for the northern latitudes, shift the Russian state border to the edge of the coast of the Barents and White Seas and declare all of the White Sea and the areas of the peninsula of Kanin Nos "open sea". 

In 1922, there was another massive invasion of Norway poachers. This time, the Soviet border guards have detained several dozen schooners sealers.

Class battleship Friedrich III — analog Heimdal

Therefore, in the following 1923 the Norwegian fishing fleet was accompanied by Norwegian battleship "Heimdal" which opened artillery fire on our border boats, tried to prevent the destruction of the seals. Poacher share 23rd year was the most barbaric. Norwegians were scored over 900 thousand head seals, which undermined their natural reproduction, and the White Sea seal began to disappear. On the note of protest to the Russian Federation, in which it was noted that the entry of military vessel into the territorial waters without a declaration of war is unprecedented, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs cheekily replied that Norway "will be led to fish and where it needs to."

Only in 1924 a treaty was signed on the Norwegian concession to the USSR to conduct mammal hunting quotas for government of the USSR. The Soviet administration allowed the White Sea lish90 Norwegian vessels that fished strictly according to quotas allocated to them. A few years all was quiet. Truth and extract the Norwegians were nothing special, after the destruction of the wild, they put on in previous years.But in the spring of 1928 it all started on a new — Hundreds of Norwegian vessels invaded the Soviet territorial waters up to the New Earth. Several ships of the Border Guard tried to evict the poachers back. Norway immediately threatened that next spring will enter its fleet to fish in Soviet waters ", accompanied by two British warships." Legend has it that Stalin gave the order to send a telegram of a single word: "We are waiting for!"

That was enough to forget about the English Norwegians, but decided to grab the declared Soviet Franz Josef Land, as there was still a draw polar station. They were late for the week and a half. July 29, 1929 by Soviet explorers on Franz Josef Land raised the flag of the Soviet Union.

Norwegian frigate "Fridtjof Nansen". 

However, Norway has continued piracy, and in 1930 -1932 GG its entire fleet of fishing vessels invaded our territorial waters, which were barbaric hunt for seals, walruses, polar bears and robbed the Russian coast-dwellers. In 1932, the newest frigate "Fridtjof Nansen", built specifically for the "protection of the interests of Norwegian fisheries in the Arctic," covered poacher schooner in the White Sea, firing over our border guards.

However, 1933 was the last year the Norwegian mayhem in the northern latitudes. Industrialization gathered momentum and the opportunity to create a Northern Fleet. With the advent of the Barents Sea in 1933, the first group of warships, Norwegian invasion in Soviet territorial waters ceased. However, poaching of small groups and individual ships continued until 1936, when it was eliminated last Norwegian concession.

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