Soyuz TMA-10 has successfully docked with the International Space Station

September 26 at 6:00. 45 minutes. 27 seconds. Moscow time successfully carried out docking of manned spacecraft (WPK) "Soyuz TMA-10M" to the International Space Station (ISS).

 TPK "Soyuz TMA-10M" moored to a small research module (MRM2) "Search" Russian Segment (RS). The convergence process was carried out in automatic mode under the supervision of specialists Mission Control Center FSUE TsNIIMash, TPK crew consisting of commander Oleg Kotov (Roscosmos), flight engineers Sergei Ryazan (Roscosmos) and Michael Hopkins (NASA) and the Russian ISS crewmember cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchihina.Posle opening of the transfer hatches between the spacecraft and the station will begin work on the ISS crew 37/38-y long expedition consisting of commander Fyodor Yurchikhin (Roscosmos), flight engineers Karen Nyberg (NASA), Luke Parmitano (ESA), Oleg Kotov (Roscosmos), Sergei Ryazan ( Roscosmos) and Michael Hopkins (NASA). Within 37/38-y long expedition to the crew of the ISS RS would be the following:

  • participated in operations to mission control and docking TPK "Soyuz TMA-10M" to the ISS to a small research module "Search" (MRM2);
  • joint work program of the expedition;
  • Working with cargo vehicle (THC), "Progress M-20M", "Progress M-21M", "Progress M-22M";
  • work with European cargo spacecraft ATV-4 «Albert Einstein»;
  • participation in redock TPK "Soyuz TMA-09M" from Mini Research Module "Dawn" (MRM1) to service module of the service module "Zvezda";
  • preparation for the return to Earth of three crew members of the expedition on the TPK "Soyuz TMA-09M";
  • execution of two spacewalks by the Russian program;
  • maintain the station and resupply the ISS equipment delivered by cargo ships;
  • implementation of programs for scientific and applied research and experimentation;
  • participation in the activities of the program of work with the public and the media;
  • participated in operations management docking TPK "Soyuz TMA-11M" to the ISS to a small research module "Dawn" (MRM1);
  • holding photos and videos to create a chronicle of the ISS RS flight;
  • preparation for the return to Earth of three crew members on board the "Soyuz TMA-10M."

During the expedition planned 35 experiments in 4 directions: "Man in Space. Space biotechnology "- 13," Technical studies and experiments "- 11," Earth and Space "- 8," Education and promotion of space research "- 3.

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