Spain on fire

Spain on fire Natural Disasters

In order to cope with the raging fires in Spain, which wiped out hundreds of acres of forest, had to seek the assistance of aircraft and helicopters. The situation is complicated in Catalonia steady winds that prevent fire and spread flames. Cope failed so far only on fire, in the province of Lleida.

In Aragon about 100 commuters Kastanezy evacuated due to the rampant spread of the fire. 200 Catalans were allowed to return to their homes of the local hotels and the neighboring communities to which they are temporary shelters.

Because of unbearable drought fire season began in Spain for a few months before, and this time only one Girona (Catalonia) destroyed 500 hectares of land, in Aragon numbers are even more significant (1,100 hectares).

Firefighters continue to put out the fire from the air, hoping that the forecast for the winds are correct, and the fire can be contained and minimized.

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