Spaniards take their own lives because of the threat of losing housing

46-year-old Spanish city of Alicante has committed suicide because of the danger on the streets. A man hanged himself because in the last five years has been unable to pay the rent. This event has become the country's fourth week.

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The police arrived to evict him, repeatedly knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Upon entering the apartment, they found his body hanging out in the loop. A friend of the deceased told the news agency Europa Press, that he has long talked about suicide.

Earlier this week, an elderly couple from the island of Majorca has died from an overdose of sleeping pills. In his suicide note, 68-year-old man and 67-year-old woman said they did not want to lose the roof over their heads because of debts.

Earlier, 56-year-old resident of Basauri committed suicide, being unable to pay off the mortgage.

As a result, the Spanish parliament agreed to review the country's severe housing legislation, although for a long time the deputies refused to do so. This came after human rights activists filed a petition calling to soften the laws in this area.

Today, due to the economic crisis, hundreds of thousands of Spaniards are unable to pay the mortgage and the risk of being on the street. This week, protesters gathered outside the parliament building, chanting, "This is not eviction — this is murder!"

Strengthening the recession caused a sharp rise in unemployment in the European Union. According to Eurostat, in December 2012 the number of people who lost their jobs had increased in comparison to the year 2011 by 2 million

Special scales purchased unemployment among the young generation, which amounted to about 24%.

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