Special wagon for Railways employees were at the station Elec (photo TTC)

The car escort for convoys of batching hopper wagons

Special-purpose car worth over 20 million rubles were at the station Elec. It consists of three compartments for eight beds, equipped kitchen, dining room, shower, toilet and even a storage area and is designed to accompany the track machines and leisure locomotive crews that work in shifts.

For employees engaged in the repair pathways that long cut off from the house and forced to carry out their duties in the field conditions, provided a comfortable environment. Special car is equipped with a combined heating, hot water, diesel-generator set, fire alarms and other equipment.

Production Tver Carriage Works assigned to the team track machine station number 140 on the program delivery equipment and machinery by investing JSC "Russian Railways". To date for the Russian railways made ten of these cars for special purposes.

The car escort for convoys to transport switches

Special escort wagon rolling stock 61-4483

(Read more — here: http://www.tvz.ru/?action=62&n=2&model=61-4483)

Technical indicators wagon
Car maintenance HDV * SSP ** PM ***
Tare weight (without equipment), no more t 42.8 41 41
Length of cars over automatic coupler, mm 17286
Wheel base, mm 11800
Distance between the supporting places for jacks, mm 11800
Width of the body outside (without corrugations), mm 3104
Height of coupling from the railhead at the tare weight of the car, mm not less than 1040 is not more than 1080
Clearance of the car 1-BM
Design speed, km / h 120
Seats, max 4 6 8
The volume of water in the water system, however, l 1100
The volume of water in the system of fire extinguishing at least l. 90
Fuel tank capacity, l 2000
Carbon margin — at least, kg 300
Capacity nickel-cadmium storage battery — no less Ah 300
The average heat transfer coefficient of body guards — not more, W / (m2 K) 300

* HDV — the car escort for convoys of batching hopper cars;
SSP ** — car escort for convoys to transport switches;
*** PM — car escort to accompany the track machines.

In the carriages are provided depending on the layout of the following premises:

  • vestibule;
  • workshop;
  • The boiler room;
  • corridor brake end of the car;
  • passenger compartment (two-, four);
  • large corridor;
  • domestic room (with shower);
  • WC;
  • corridor;
  • kitchen (dining room);
  • pantry;
  • pantry-dryer;
  • Technology Corridor;
  • corridor non-braking end of the car
  • engine room.

The cars are equipped with the following systems:

  • lighting (service and emergency);
  • hydronic heating;
  • supply and extract ventilation;
  • air-conditioning;
  • water supply;
  • Open-type toilet.

In the kitchen-dining room, the following household appliances:

  • refrigerator;
  • with two electric;
  • sink;
  • microwave.

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