Specialists NBC SOUTH developing modern means of radiation and chemical reconnaissance

TSAMTO, February 19. At the landfill Far (Dagestan) military units of radiation, chemical and biological protection (NBC) Motorised Brigade SOUTH started learning machine of radiation and chemical reconnaissance RHM-6, recently received by the troops.

As the press service of the county, set on RHM-6 equipment allows radiation, chemical and biological prospecting in the automatic mode, including remotely.

With the help of the GLONASS system professionals can reflect all the information about the infection terrain and objects on an electronic map in real time, quickly passing it through a single automated command and control system for its intended purpose.

All equipment is mounted on the chassis of the complex BTR-80-terrain.

Also, the military will practice in the use of new electronic dosimeter IMD-2 nm, which comes in a unit to replace the outdated model of PD-5AB (B).

Experts in the field to work out issues resection of nuclear explosions, record NBC reconnaissance, decontamination and deactivation of weapons and military equipment to overcome the contaminated land areas, staging moving and still smoke screens, according to the press service of the Southern Military District.

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