Specialists NBC SOUTH hidden military airfield

For the first time in the course of a special tactical exercises (TSU) military forces CBR defense SOUTH using special means of camouflage, made "invisible" to radar and visual observation of a military airfield in the Volgograd region, the press service of the Southern Military District. With the help of special equipment military chemists put an aerosol smoke screen on the area of over 20 hectares more than 300 m in height, thus "hiding" from the aircraft and radar conventional enemy military airfield infrastructure and the surrounding area. 

Used to mask laying system TDA-2K capable of creating an aerosol veil from a blind over a length of more than 1 km and maintain mode "invisible" within 10 hours. Laying system is able to perform tasks in a static position, and on the go, moving at a speed of 40 km / h

The exercise military SOUTH NBC also completed the tasks for the detection of radiation, chemical and biological contamination, worked for the special treatment of personnel, weapons and military equipment, decontamination of terrain and military facilities in the aftermath of emergency situations (ES).

NBC reconnaissance units held activities radiological and chemical control area, assessed the situation after the application of conventional enemy weapons of mass destruction (WMD), as well as the destruction of chemically and biologically hazardous objects.

The exercise brought together more than 200 troops troops CBR defense SOUTH, including the Black Sea Fleet, the Caspian Flotilla, the Air Force and Air Defense, and the combined armies separate brigade NBC. In carrying out TAS involved over 50 pieces of military equipment and special equipment.
For more information:http://vpk-news.ru/news/17415 

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