Spirin put Egorov Quartet

The delegate match of the 4th round of the championship of Russia "Dynamo" — "Rostov" (1:0) Alexei Spirin put referee Igor Egorov, "four" on a five-point system. According to him, Egorov made the right decision by removing Fernandez and assigning penalties for demolition Kokorina. Representatives of the "Dynamo" and "growth" after watching the video agreed. However, several Spirin reduced Egorov estimate for the fact that in the episode with the removal of Judge Fernandez is not too clearly explained why the Dynamo first showed a yellow card, and then canceled it and deleted it. Egorov only break explained that he had changed his mind at the prompting of his assistant. Aides Egorova — Oleg Tselovalnikov and Sergey Pateleev — received a "five", said "Sport-Express".

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