Spoils of War avenge their dead owners


The Great Patriotic War in Russia has left tens of anomalous zones. The correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", taking part in the excavations in the field of bloody fighting, constantly faced with unexplained phenomena.

Designated fights have a special aura, from which not alone. It is no accident that of the "black" and "red" Rangers cult film — "Stalker" Tarkovsky, and a favorite book — "Roadside Picnic". They say digging grew up in post-war Leningrad Strugatsky brothers. And as digging! By the way, the Rangers even jargon borrowed from their legendary works: things found in the woods are called "swag", and the excavation site — a "zone."

Wander on such a zone, and it seems that all the time someone looks you in the back. A background sound in the headphones metal detector suddenly transformed into a men's choir. For some reason I always heard the singing of the "Varyag". Or, conversely, fancies that you all the time someone calls out by name.

There are places where you experience unexplained, paralyzing fear, just like a bad dream. One day, traveling to the most remote places, where he was the Volkhov front, among the swamps, covered with rotten aspen, I came across a dry cozy glade. Put the tent. In the evening, when I was seized with absolutely blissful serenity of peace and quiet in the 300 meters, in the tract Ridge, banging the ax, and then began to call up the children. I even set a hearing for their age — godika 2 — 3 at the most.

The nearest paved road was 15 kilometers through the swamps in one direction and 100 kilometers — in another. Real children would not have come here and not have to shout up to the sunrise. They'd just lost their voices.

At night, I lay in a tent in a cold sweat, clutching his chest carbine "Saiga" run-flat fuse, and listened to the babbling voices move in space, now closer, then moving away. Sometimes these repeated cries echo — non-material world intersected with reality.

In the morning I went to the tract ridges from which the war had left only a pile of bricks, covered with hefty trees. Together with the Second Shock Army in the boiler killed thousands of civilians, and how many of them lay in the foundations of houses collapsed, one could only guess. I turned on the device, and the first thing that responded to my metal detector was rotten toy enameled basin, in which lay crushed celluloid doll.

I buried all that stuff back in the ground and put on top of the cross, because, in my personal opinion, in all toys are baby shower particles and touching a child's love. I have lived near this tract for three days, picking on German artpozitsiyah, and no longer bothered me.

These anomalies are called stalkers hronomirazhami and consider them almost mandatory for events such places. Explain, where lie unburied people are their bio. If there were many thousands of people, these biofield can already feel, hear, and sometimes even see. Geographically, the areas with hronomirazhami scattered on all fronts of the war: the island Fishermen near Murmansk, Nevsky Spot near Leningrad, Rzhev, Ramushevsky corridor under Demyansk, Death Valley near Novgorod or Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd. I know dozens of sober and balanced searchers who have seen and even tried to take off attacks that drowned in the blood of 60 years ago.

But, as a rule, does not capture the film hronomirazhi — on the negatives leaving only the white haze. And to see through their eyes, you need a fog. He becomes a screen on which are projected developments of the past. Sometimes the fog in front of an observer of the individual fragments are beginning to emerge clearly readable picture. This is almost always a soldier silhouettes with characteristic details of German or Soviet ammunition. The wind can take down the fog, but the contours of the people will always move in a given direction — from our front line of the German trenches, or vice versa. So, as it was in reality, many years ago, during the bloody German counterattacks under Demyansk or break the blockade of Leningrad.

The terrible story of the death medallion

All that is found on battlefields, has a special tetchy, habits and memory. Checked multiple times — these things once rescued from oblivion, do not like to go back to where they had lost and found again. In the forest, and again on otchischennom zavoronennom bayonet immediately perform rust, aluminum glass jars from the German will necessarily fall into the fire and burned completely, like a paper, and Red Army star, baseball cap fitted to just disappear. Taking away from the forest and restoring finds you rudely intrude into the natural course of events and the time you change it arbitrarily, and sometimes take the sins of others or themselves suffering. Payback for levity comes quickly.

A friend gave the New Year German death medallion on a thick silver chain. Nothing special to look at — oval aluminum plate, divided into two parts by the dotted punching. After the death of the owner of the medallion broken, one part was left on the corpse was transferred to another division headquarters. Former owner of this thing is not just luck fatal. Judging by the markings on the locket, it was transferred for some offense with dust-free protection service Luftwaffe airfields «Flieger Horst Schutze» (Fl. H. Sch.) In Reserve Infantry Battalion «Infanterie Ersatz Bataillon» (Inf. ers. Batl.) , which eventually all Poleg the station churchyard. Germans have not found after the fight — he remained lying strewn in the trench.

After receiving a gift, I do not think of anything more intelligent than to wear the medallion itself. Then the events began to unfold dizzy. For a few days I, poor student, lost everything I had. To begin wife left him. A day later, driving someone else's rusty "penny" with the car pound, I drove back to the brand new "Nine." While the deal with the consequences of the accident, I was expelled from the institute. From the ladies' hostel where I lived illegally, I was asked to leave within three days on the street. Could easily be hung up, but there was no suitable hook.

The decision came in a dream, unconsciously: a thick chain, on which hung a medallion, confused and overwhelmed his neck so that his throat was livid scar. I took off from harm's way with this curious little thing "history", and life just became dramatically improve. I talked a lot about this medallion. If I did not believe I took out of his saying, "Ha, a little diarrhea …"

Wishing and was not found. Then I got rid of the medallion, sold it for a song first that fell collector.

Superstitions and omens

Superstition of most search engines would be the envy even pilots and sailors. In fact, the signs — just a set of laws by which to live, if ever confronted with a non-material objects and events on the ground fighting. No need to mock the remains — there is no way to remove or identify the victim, do not be lazy, put a cross of two sticks, and go away. Do not go without the need for an abandoned cemetery forest and sanitary disposal: retribution inevitably catch up, and in what form — no one knows.

Friends, the businessmen who are suffering, "echoes of war" came back from the last expedition pale and lost. They went to Makarevskuyu desert to the monastery, which the Germans made a powerful fortified. Our offensive during 1944 covered the Germans' eresami. " Volley "Katyusha" knocked down to the base of one of the ancient spiritual centers of Novgorod region. In the vicinity of the desert, an uninhabited and swampy area, rangers were looking for a German cemetery, but found and decided to pick open the monastery churchyard. While choosing a grave for abuse, it began to rain. Incidentally, he always begins when disturb the remains. Granny with kulechkom medicinal herbs came from under the ground.

Asked the young men they are looking for, and learn that the young men interested in the Germans, led them into the woods to show the very front-line cemetery. Pathfinders then said that this grandmother climbed on fallen trees for a long time, and something she told them, and that — no one to remember and could not. Then, abruptly, it was dark, and the old woman vanished without a trace somewhere. Out of the forest until the morning they could not: «GPS» unable to capture satellites because of low clouds and dense crown. Spent the night on the bumps, without tents and sleeping bags, but simply because they would not let Makarevskaya deserts. Rain, walked daily, blurred the field, and the jeep had to literally stand on his hands. When the car got out on the highway, the rain stopped, as if wrapped crane, and the sun appeared.

Dmitry Steshina


The real ghosts

Andrew Perepelitsyn, chairman of the Inter-Regional Society for the Study of secrets and mysteries "Labyrinth":

— I do not support the idea of the existence of souls, but if they are real, they must leave the material traces. For example, hronomirazhi. It is no coincidence the last appear on "nebulous basis." For example, elementary particles with sufficiently high energies, moving in a saturated water vapor the air, leave a trail of water droplets. This principle is based on the work of the famous school of physics instrument to be registered — a cloud chamber. And if we assume that the souls are made out of something like the "cold plasma", some elementary particles, they may be able to ionize the air and "manifest" before the dew falls — just at night or in the morning!

There is another hypothesis, proposed by biochemist Maria Vilchihinoy. Like, mentally excited man is capable of emitting coherent — in fact, the laser — infrared radiation. Under certain conditions, with the help of, say, the wet layer of plaster or paint, can be recorded hologram, which then other people excited by its radiation can "prove" by projecting the same mist … Get ghost — a sort of variation hronomirazha.

There are many versions, but the criterion of truth — objective observations. And if the readers of "KP" know where hronomirazhi occur regularly, and they can watch for — let's organize the expedition and try to register the class of phenomena. Let's try to prove that they do not exist in an excited brain, but outside it. Or vice versa.


Flower ruined "echoes of war"

Stalkers have such a legend: that things are related to the last war, so keep a powerful charge of negative energy, which in a few days can kill a healthy flower room. So we decided to check it out.

Innocent plant found no problems — the usual very young Spathiphyllum, which has grown year on the editorial office. It was more difficult to find items that are guaranteed to have a power of bloody battles. Did familiar search engine that after learning about the unusual experiment, gave us ten aluminum buttons for hire from the German cape.

— These, with the combat loungers (cemetery on the search lingo. — Comm. Aut.). All in hemoglobin!

Indeed, the buttons were in the oxides of some dried stuff, sometimes even visible traces of decayed thread. According to the search engine their squad this summer somewhere near Rzhev found a hole, which dragged after fighting killed German soldiers. All the bodies were wrapped in decayed cape. Apparently, the bodies prepared for burial by the Germans themselves, but to bury their dead as expected, with birch crosses and helmets, they do not have time.

1. March 9. The flower is willing, but is not going to fade. Cyclical watering — a glass of water every two days.

2. March 17. The environment and lighting, which used to flower, have not changed. Already seen the first reaction — the flower bent and began to die off the ends of the leaves.

3. March 22. The flower is slowly dying. Buttons with the earth and do not touch a flower.

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