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As you know, on November 20, 2012. in Russia by force of law, which regulates the registration and operation of non-profit organizations. It should be noted that at the stage of discussion of the law in the State Duma law has caused a surge of angry comments in the foreign press and criticism of Western leaders. And this despite the fact that similar legislation has a number of leading Western democracies.

Now we can already note some of the results of this law. According to the American press, the International Republican Institute (IRI), an organization in support of democracy, funded by U.S. taxpayers, has decided to stop working in Russia. This was stated by the President of IRI's Lorne Craner at a meeting of directors of the Council in Washington last week. It is assumed that MRI will now work on civil society in Russia of a new office in Warsaw. Chairman of the board of directors of IRI is the Republican Senator John McCain, who is widely known in the U.S. and abroad for its anti-Russian statements, and criticizing Obama for his "flirting" with Russia. Similar to the MRI organization, the National Democratic Institute (NDI), headed by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, stopped working most of its employees in Russia last month and transferred them to Lithuania. This is due to the fact that in Russia adopted a new law may allow the charge of treason Russians working for non-profit organizations (NGOs) funded from abroad, as well as forcing foreign non-profit organizations to register their employees as "foreign agents." Feel what noble act committed leaders of these organizations? They can not afford to collaborating with them Russian citizens called foreign agents, and therefore will work with them from abroad. You may think that there is any significant difference between the agents that receive money and instructions through nominees, and those who instruct in person. American political scientists consider the actions of the Russian leadership decreasing tolerance of the Kremlin in relation to what he sees as foreign interference. "With the new NGO law and the law of the Russian desire to execute the Institute becomes quite impossible to work while in Russia, — said one of the members of the board of directors of IRI. — Russia is now attached to a completely closed dictatorship as Belarus and democratic training in such You may only in third countries. " The question immediately arises: what "democracy training" mean? What, in fact, taught in these "training", to which prepare our people in our country, foreign teachers? If you go back a while ago, you can remember that whenever someone in the Russian media wrote about the information wars, every time mentioned such well-known organizations as the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy, the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute and the organization "Freedom House." Everything they advertise themselves as ardent supporters of democracy who have never interfered in the internal affairs of other countries. They criticized the Russian media, but every time the opposing party claimed that the critics act on orders from the Kremlin. "In the run-up to the parliamentary and then to the presidential election in the Russian media war escalated. In the" heat of the moment ", and, perhaps, the desire to outdo their counterparts in democracy, some major Western media have published some very interesting things that are very rarely published. Thus, the French news agency AFP claimed that the U.S. "National Endowment for Democracy," funded Russian NGOs, such as "The Voice" and the site "slon. ru ". Michael McFaul, the current U.S. ambassador to Russia, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Endowment for Democracy and the human rights organization" Freedom House ", is directly involved in the intervention in the sovereign affairs of Russia. Prior to appointment, at the end of 2011, McFaul received a recommendation to actively work with NGOs to identify Russian officials, "human rights violations" and give his assessment of the elections. February 3, 2012 edition of the "Challenges" (France), wrote: "The Egyptian military, who head the transition process in the country since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, also demonstrated hostility to the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and others financed by means of the U.S. government organizations. Their offices were raided, and at least 19 Americans banned from leaving the territory of Egypt for the duration of the proceedings. For decades, American organizations such as NDI, IRI and "Freedom House" fighting for democracy and human rights throughout the world. However, their activities (election monitoring, the development of the party system, etc.) are not always positively evaluated in the countries where they work. "Some leaders (of course, authoritarian regimes — approx. VR) saw them as a threat. Opponents of the American democratic activists argue that hostility to them in some cases is not confined to the political leadership, but it is typical for all the people who does not want foreigners to dictate to him their lifestyles. "Egyptians are always suspicious treated outside interference. In Egypt, the interference is called the "invisible hand" or "hand abroad," — stated Paul Sullivan, a professor at Georgetown University and a specialist on the Middle East. "NDI Manual, of course, rejects any interference on the part of its organization, and its activities have always been, say, was aimed at "supporting the democratic process." That's just basic support for democracy is to fund local non-governmental opposition, now a non-profit, organizations (NGOs). Chairman of the Board of Directors of IRI Senator John McCain has repeatedly talked about this issue. "These organizations do not affect the nature of the mode, the type of voting or election results — he said. — At the same time, they provide support for registered voters, the campaign, the development of constitutions and other important things for democracy. "In late 2011, in an article of the newspaper" New York Times "called" The United States helped nurture Arab uprisings, "argued that "grassroots activists" Arab Spring "have been trained and funded by the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and the" Freedom House ", a non-profit human rights organization based in Washington." newspaper "The Times" has continued to explain: "The Republican and Democratic institutes loosely connected with the Republican and Democratic parties. They were created by the U.S. Congress and funded by the "National Endowment for Democracy," which was established in 1983 to distribute grants for promoting democracy in developing countries. National Fund receives from Congress of about $ 100 million a year. "Freedom House" also gets most of its money from the American government, mainly from the State Department. "Since its inception in the era of President Ronald Reagan NDI and IRI have worked in more than 100 countries." Freedom House "was founded in 1940 years. Officially, they — "non-governmental organization", although the lion's share of their funding comes from public funds and, in particular, from the State Department and the Agency for International Development (which, by the way, was recently exhibited in Russia). Such sources of funding due to the fact These organizations are often seen as agents of Washington and tools in the hands
of U.S. intelligence agencies. Since 2005, it has become significantly more difficult to work in countries such as Russia and China in Central Asia as well as in certain regions of Africa and Latin America, said Thomas Carothers, a recognized expert on democracy promotion at the Carnegie Endowment. "These difficulties are, at least in part a reaction to a new and more radical concept of democracy promotion, which is closely related to the war in Iraq," — he said. He recalls the statements of former U.S. President George W. Bush , who called the war in Iraq, "the issue of democracy promotion" and conviction "leadership of some countries that the revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine were provoked by certain U.S. politicians and public figures in these countries." As everyone remembers, "promotion democracy "in Iraq began with accusations in the development of chemical weapons there. from open sources it became known that the promotion of the" Orange Revolution "in Ukraine was spent $ 70 million. In 2010, NDI, IRI, and" Freedom House "received more than $ 100 million on the support of the "Arab Spring." How to write the Western media in the past year, Russian NGOs have received $ 63 million to "promote democracy" before the parliamentary elections. However, after the election of NGOs has been allocated an additional, according to various estimates, up to 45 million dollars on preparations for the presidential elections. Only the organization "Voice" received nine million dollars. During the current year's funding continued. Everybody is very clear on what kind of money are held rallies 31 th of the month, to which there are our NGOs and their leaders. Anyway, when you see one the same people at rallies and demonstrations in different cities, then inevitably you wonder, and when do they work? was reported in the newspapers, Sergey Udaltsov nebezizvestnogo nowhere never officially worked. And if it is — rallies and demonstrations — they work, who they pays? partly answered these questions the Western media, which are difficult to reproach, that they write on the orders of the Kremlin. Besides the above-mentioned organizations concerned about "related" to them in the spirit of the German Foundation and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Heinrich Boll Foundation. Wolfgang John, chapter Moscow office of the Foundation named Naumann, in an interview with media companies, "Deutsche Welle" expressed concern that the "direct cooperation with Russian NGOs will be impossible." According to the director of Russian representation of the name of Bell Jens Siegert, "Foreign Agents Registration Act will impact on the work of foreign NGOs acting on the territory of Russia … since the problems put before our Russian partners. "Russian non-profit organizations have developed several ways of how not to fall under the new law. Protection Strategy actively discussed, in particular the Russian meetings, the so-called human rights defenders and their counterparts from Germany and Europe, including at the last in October in St. Petersburg Civil Forum EU-Russia and held in Berlin, "the German-Russian autumn meetings." Every organization defended its methods of protection. So, head of the association " voice "Lily Shibanov ready to ensure that the legal proceedings with the authorities and to prove that the Russian human rights activists are not foreign agents. And yet, she says, she" was tired of the underground struggle with the FSB. "Still, at Sheremetyevo is still remembered, as she fiercely defended his laptop from the "attacks" of customs officers who wanted him to "get to know" after returning from Warsaw with the last pre-election briefing of foreign teachers. Summing up, we can say that the recent laws on NGO activities, unauthorized rallies, demonstrations, etc . claim, liability for libel, and the expulsion of the Russian representative offices of foreign organizations odious suffered serious and painful blow to the anti-Russian activities. foreign sponsors "American-style democracy" have to realize that in Russia there is no room for them in the foreseeable future will.

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