Sport and Internal Troops opened in Khabarovsk

September 18 at the military camp of the Eastern Regional Command of Russian Interior Ministry troops opened a new fitness center designed for training in various types of fitness: sports games, swimming, gymnastics, fighting, etc.

The total area of 4330 sq ft three-storey building, a medical rehabilitation center, a hall-hand combat with ancillary facilities, methodical study.
Also ready to conduct training gym total area of 260 square meters, universal gym, a total area of 600 square meters, designed for volleyball, basketball, football, games and table tennis.

The pool is 25 m long with 5 lanes can accommodate up to 40 people per shift and has separate outputs for both men and women. In sports halls have modern sports equipment and inventory. Systems equipped with the appropriate progressive, technological, organizational, health and safety standards, ensure the safety and health. The capacity of the fitness center is more than 200 people per shift.


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