Sports facilities Universiade 2013 in Kazan

By May 2010 in Kazan was commissioned 18 sports facilities that will be involved in the 2013 Universiade. We suggest you watch a video presentation of data objects 18.

1. Martial Arts Palace "Ak Bars". The total area of over 17,000 square meters. Martial Arts Palace is equipped with everything necessary for the development of the struggle and the different types of martial arts: There are 4 training halls, a gym, a lot of locker rooms with showers, recreation center with saunas, a swimming pool and gidroprotsedury. In 2013, at the World University Summer Games, the Palace of Martial Arts will be the main arena of competitive Judo Wrestling and Sambo.

2. Kazan School of Olympic Reserve "Olympian." Sports complex with a total area of 6196 square meters is equipped with a game room 45H27 m with stands for 730 people, meeting rooms for Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling (24H25 m), judo (24×15 m), boxing (18×15 m), as well as table tennis tables 6 . In addition, a three-storey complex has a gym, weight-lifting, and three classrooms of 60 square meters. m each

3. Sports Complex "Tezuche." Total area of 5333 square meters. In the sports complex located a sports hall, gym, rooms for wrestling, weightlifting and aerobics

4. Sports Complex "Forward." Sports Complex is universal and suitable for employment as a summer and winter sports. The indoor hall there is a possibility of freezing of artificial ice

5. Sports Complex "Miras". During World University Summer Games will be held in the sports complex preliminary competitions in basketball, as well as training sessions for national football teams.

6. Sports Complex "Itil" at KSUCA.

7. Sports complex "Triumph" has an ice arena. Located along Oleg Koshevogo in the aircraft area near the UIC "Triumph".

8. Universal Sports complex "Triumph". Designed primarily for training in basketball. Sports complex has two swimming pools: a large and small (for children). It also has sports courts, a medical center, canteen etc. "Triumph" is on the street Oleg Koshevogo in the aircraft area.

9. Sports complex "Moscow" at TSHPU. During the Universiade sports complex is planned to use this as a training ground for volleyball. "Moscow" has a sports hall, gym, room for wrestling, weightlifting room, aerobics room and sauna. Able to accommodate up to 700 spectators

10. The complex is located in the shotgun shooting Verkhneuslonsky district of the republic, in the village of Vvedenskaya Sloboda.

11. Sports Center "Ak Bure." Includes an indoor swimming pool, an indoor skating rink with artificial ice-purpose sports hall.

12. Sports Complex "Watan".

13. Universal Sports Complex "Watan" has functionality similar to the UIC "Triumph". The complex includes two buildings with total area of 5148 square meters and 4000, respectively. In the sports complex located game room, fitness center, ice rink, swimming pool, as well as medical and administrative blocks. During World University Summer Games will be held in the sports complex training teams in basketball and volleyball.

14. Sports Complex "Tulpar." The complex consists of a universal sports complex with a total area of 6196 square meters and a football stadium

15. Indoor Swimming Pool "Akcharlak" meets the requirements of the Association of water sports. It is planned to be used for training swimmers. Pool "Akcharlak" up to 500 people adapted to visit the disabled and includes a bath size 50h25 m, baby bath (12.5 x 6 m), dry swimming pool (24h12 m) and a gym (18h9 m). It is located in the Volga district of Kazan on the street Kul Gali.

16. Sports Complex "Bustan". The complex consists of two buildings with a total area of 3499 square meters and 6196, respectively. In the sports complex located-purpose sports hall, swimming pool, gym

17. Sports Complex "Zilant." The total area of the sports complex is 6196 square meters. The complex includes an indoor ice arena with a capacity of 1,000 spectators, two gyms, as well as medical and administrative blocks. During the Universiade 2013 in Sport held preliminary competitions in volleyball.

18. Tennis Academy. As a world-class tennis academy located 4 indoor and 8 outdoor tennis courts. Tennis Academy meets the requirements of the international tennis academy ITF. This sport facilities are located on the Avenue of Victory in the Volga region

In the second half of 2010 were introduced the following sports facilities:

19. Cultural and Sports Complex "KAI Olympus." One of the largest sports facilities in Kazan. It includes an indoor swimming pool, a sports complex and football stadium

20. Volleyball center "Saint-Petersburg".

21. Center for boxing and table tennis. Modern building with a total area of over 15,000 square meters. m includes 2 games and 5 training rings for boxing, as well as 17 tennis tables.

23. Indoor swimming pool "Thunderbird". Along with the pool size 52h25 m complex "Petrel" includes a Universal gym with parquet flooring, dry swimming pool and a gym.

24. Field Hockey Centre

25. Basketball sports facility Basket-Hall

26. Universiade Village


— three clusters of residential buildings — a fully equipped furnished and equipped accommodation for athletes and accommodations with an office for the heads of delegations;
— Sports and training complex — Tennis Academy, the stadium and the swimming pool;
— A cultural and entertainment complex;
— International Center;
— Village amphitheater with an alley of flags.

Construction of the Universiade Village began July 10, 2009. And by September 1, 2010 and is scheduled to occupy two clusters of three Universiade Village, the first cluster is a 5 buildings of different height, the second cluster consists of 15 types of residential buildings. The total area of the two clusters is 187 thousand square meters. m and includes classrooms, a video room, shop, pharmacy, laundry, medical center, hairdresser, etc.

In all, 2.5 years before the student to build four games left object "Universiade":

Palace of Water Sports

Gymnastics Center

Stadium for 45,000 seats

Rowing Sports Center

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