Stability in U.S.

Police officers killed in New York arrow that killed four people

64-year-old Kurt Myers started shooting, first on the walls in his own apartment. Then the old man went to a barber shop around the corner from a pistol and killed two visitors. Owner of the establishment and another man were taken to hospital with serious injuries. At that Myers did not stop and drove to a nearby settlement Herkimer, where a car wash was shot two more people. Later, he barricaded himself in his home.

In the morning the police stormed. First they launched a dog into a building that Myers shot. "He was waiting for us. First he killed the dog. Then we heard more gunshots. Our team opened fire and killed the suspect, "- said one of the participants in the operation.

American teenager who killed three students in the court abused parents of their victims

At the final session of the court suffers hallucinations teenager came a T-shirt with the word "killer". During the process that decides his fate, he suddenly began to speak — and the people in the room to hear it.

"The hand that pulled the trigger and killed your children, will now masturbate on your memory," — said Lane relatives of the victims. After that, he cursed loudly and showed their middle finger.

Parents of murdered children were outraged by the behavior of the young maniac. The mother of one of the victims wished to Thomas Lane "long and painful death."

In response, the manic smile. "I want to feel all their hatred of him," — said the weeping woman during the trial.
The court found Lane guilty of killing three people and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Lane's behavior at the trial shocked prosecutors. "This is a disgusting gesture. The fact that he made at the hearing, fully meets our notions about him, "- said prosecutor James Fleyz.

Actions of the young man also shocked by his lawyers. The representative of the Lane Jan Friedman said that the actions of the defendant caught him by surprise. According to the agreements reached earlier, the teenager had to be silent during the meeting. Instead, he acted the way of it, few expected.

Sister Sadie Lane offender urged participants of the trial judge her brother too harshly. "You are probably hard to understand, but I love my brother and I hope he will bring goodness and justice to the people with whom he will be next," — she told reporters.

Thomas TJ Lane was born and raised in Chardon, Ohio. He grew quite calm child. Lane bullied at school classmates. Because of this, he was forced to change schools.

On his Facebook page Layne has repeatedly threatened to deal with their offenders. A month before the crime, he told his sister that he was going to shoot former classmates.

February 27, 2012 Lane took home Ruger pistol and a knife. He walked into the dining room of his former school and shot three teenagers with whom he had a conflict. The bullets fell offender Daniel Parmertor, Demetrius Hyulin and Russell King.

For crime Lane sentenced to three life terms.

Marines opened fire on the base Quantico, committed suicide

Marines opened fire near the school building for sergeants in the Marine base. He shot and killed one man and disappeared into the barracks.

The territory of the base has been closed to visitors. Special Forces soldiers and military police blocked the arrow in one of the rooms and began the siege.

At 10:30 MSK military base was blocked. Hands-management framework is strictly prohibited to all civilian and military to leave their homes. "Firmly close the door" — said in a statement.

At 11:00 MSK guide military base on the speakerphone has authorized the military and civilians to leave their homes. State of emergency was lifted.

At 11:30 MSK base spokesman told reporters that locked up in a room base shooter shot himself and died from his wounds. Next to him, found another Marine. By the time the police came into the barracks, he was already dead.

According to U.S. media, the shooter may have been an employee or even a school teacher for sergeants. His victims were also Marines, their personality and the title of being specified.

Unknown wounded three in the store Philadelphia — surveillance camera footage

Philadelphia police released a recording of CCTV cameras in which a man fired through the door of Asian food store. Following the accident, injuring three people. Police have not been able to establish the identity of the shooter.

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