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All western chorus agency reported that the Cuban dissident and blogersha Yoani Sanchez, 37 years, has received permission from the authorities to leave the country. Five years she sought this right, and that's waited. In January 2013, amendments to the law on migration. All Cubans have found the possibility of free travel abroad. Passports, buy ticket, receive an entry visa of the destination country — and Godspeed! Yoani and received was, of course, disappointed that in Cuba, few people paid attention to her departure. No drama, neither questioning nor searches, nothing that could be branded in the next twitter-message "regime of the Castro brothers."

Program of 80-day trip outside of Cuba Yoani is visited ten countries including Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the United States. It began its tour with Brazil. However, the very first speech in this country Yoani was thwarted: A group of protesters belonging to the Left parties opposed the display slanderous documentary "Contact Cuba — Honduras", telling about the restriction of freedom of speech in countries with "dictatorships". One of the characters — Yoani Sanchez. It tells the story of his struggle for the democratization of Cuba, on the use of social networking to bring together young people. Life in Cuba is causing Sanchez disgust. She dreams about the future, when it's "true democracy for all."

Blogersha was disappointed that the film prevented the "supporters of the Castro brothers in Brazil." She advised the Brazilian government to "take a more vigorous stance against Cuba." According to Yoani, the government "lacks rigidity and openness with regard to human rights on the island, and the people of [Cuban] will not forget." After the first incident, the Cuban blogershi security has been strengthened. Some journals have appeared that Havana by any means intend to "undermine the tour," Yoani. Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota has denied the rumors. Barriers to travel Sanchez will not arise. Blogershu arranged in the most luxurious hotels recommended in terms of the safety of U.S. citizens. Yoani stay in hotels paid for (in order of attending), the Brazilian Association of Hotels.

The growth in popularity of social networks Yoani deserves close attention. How is it for a short period of undistinguished blogershi, criticized the poor performance of transport and public utilities in Havana, has grown into a key piece of propaganda operations, the State Department and the CIA in Cuba?

In the biography Sanchez is one episode when, concluding a marriage in 2002, she emigrated to Switzerland. Presumably this is where she came to the attention of U.S. intelligence as a promising candidate for the role of an agent of influence. Latin colony in Switzerland has always been large, the CIA station traditionally possessed it well positioned. The necessary skills and qualities possessed Yoani. University philological education, the tendency to analytics, enterprise, ability to improvise, developed ambition. It was noted that the lack of female attractiveness Yoani tried to make up for success on the intellectual field, in politics and journalism. Took advantage CIA agents, promising to Sanchez 'career success', worldwide fame and a guarantee of protection against "repressive actions" by the Cuban authorities.

To prepare her for work in Cuba safe houses used by the CIA in Zurich and Bern. It is possible that it illegally exported to the United States in a few weeks to a few short courses operational training. Anyway, in Switzerland, she received a professional computer skills, programming, etc. Spetsobuchenie handy. Yoani then described how in Havana under the guise of German tourists it is not just seeped into hotels for foreigners to use the Internet. There are cases when Sanchez drastically changed their looks to get on the party activities to obtain the necessary information to her. She skillfully went from surveillance when required to meet with the supervising officer of the Mission of U.S. interests in Havana. I must say, Yoani is not always resorted to conspiracy for working meetings with the Americans. In some cases, a business meeting took place in her apartment, saying that I have nothing to hide, I do everything openly.

Sanchez returned to Cuba in the summer of 2004. In April 2007, she launched the blog "Generation Y», which became more and more sharply to discuss the problems of Cuban life. Blog from the very beginning has been focused on young people. Yoani has positioned itself as a young Cuban, begins to think about the search for the correct course of action in the "precarious circumstances." In an interview, she said: "I have accumulated quite a lot of different stories and issues that were not discussed either in the press or on television. All this was seasoned with a strong charge of skepticism … With the blog I was able to get rid of many demons, apathy, fear and inertia. This course of therapy because of the internet blogging has found an echo in the hearts of many who were possessed by demons similar. "

Due to the operational support of the State Department and the CIA blog has been promoted in a very short time. Notes blogershi translated into two dozen languages. Texts summarized, grouped by subject, are changed into the book. Only in 2010-2011 was published four hefty volumes.

Over time, the problems of the blog has been expanded. The state of the Cuban economy, public sentiment, the rumors of possible changes in the leadership of Cuba — Western mass media spoke of the blog as the most complete source of information from the island. With Yoani started working American newspaper "The Huffington Post", "Miami Herald", "The Washington Post", "New York Times", the Spanish "El Pais" Argentine "Clarín". Following the golden rain leaked prestigious award. In 2008, the newspaper "El Pais" Prize awarded Sanchez Jose Ortega y Gasset, and all Yoani received in a short period of at least two dozen awards, the total monetary value of which exceeded a quarter of a million dollars. The American magazine "Time" Yoani immediately turned to the list of the hundred most influential people in the world, and the magazine "Foreign Policy" named her among the 10 most influential Latin American intellectuals.

In the literature there are reports WikLeaks Mission U.S. interests in Havana, which speak about the prospects of the young generation "non-traditional dissidents" such as Yoani Sanchez that could have a big impact on the Cuban socio-political processes after the departure of the Castro brothers. These forecasts and interest due for visualization of the Obama Sanchez. In 2009 he responded to seven questions blogershi. Technically, it looked like this. In the interests of the mission received from her questions and answers were "on behalf of the president." Then forwarded to the draft reply to Washington to sight in the State Department and the White House. After that the document was forwarded to the Mission and handed Sanchez.

In 2011, the United States announced the awarding Yoani Sanchez State Department's International Award "Courageous Women". The ceremony was attended by Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. The president's wife said that Sanchez is "going their own way, in spite of the persecution of the Cuban authorities, talking about what others are unable to tell." Hillary also described the merits blogershi: "She applied the technology to bring about positive change. She has created an interactive platform for the exchange of ideas and free expression. She announced the hopes and fears of their fellow citizens. And as it is recognized by governments around the world, the Internet can not drown. That's why Yoani texts, despite the opposition of her government are translated into other languages, picked up and distributed, because freedom knows no bounds. Yoani deserves our gratitude for having consistently demonstrated that. "

In 2012 blogersha was launched Spanish party "Union of progress and democracy," a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. This time the prize was awarded to the European Union. However, there is no doubt that attempts to give the Nobel Prize Yoani will be repeated. Her chances at a premium will increase significantly if Sanchez actually subjected to repression by the authorities. However, the leadership of Cuba showing restraint, but it is clear that blogersha conducts continuous media war against the Cuban political regime. Does it have supporters on the island? If there is, then a little bit. Cubans are well aware of the example of other countries, the consequences of the dismantling of the socialist system.

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