Statistics-crib in the fight against liberasty

This statistic will polezezna in disputes with hamsters and liberasty. Everything in our life, we can only estimate by comparison. For example, call aloud for themselves a country where 41% of young people under 23 years old at least once arrested by the police?

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Call it? Which country do you — North Korea, China, Iran, Russia, TsAziya? No.
This is the United States.

So go ahead. What do you think how many earn 20% of the poorest families in the States? What do you think how much money you need to survive in the United States the family?
Dubbed a ballpark figure?

And now here's a real figure, 20% of the poorest families in the United States for a family earning 15,000 dollars a year! Can the family survive for 15 thousand dollars in the central cities of the Russian Federation? A skilled migrant worker in one year alone earns so much, sometimes even more.

How many percent of Americans now live in poverty or just barely survive? Came up with a figure?
The real figure is 48% of Americans live in poverty or just barely.

What percentage of children in the U.S. live in poor families? About 57%.

And the fun does not believe the optimistic forecasts of zomboyaschika. The economy is not rising, lay like a corpse. The new jobs are expected. Approximately 77% of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States do not plan to hire new workers.

Go ahead. More than 40% of jobs in the United States is a low-paid job.

19% of American men aged 25 to 34 years old live dependent on their parents. That's where the recruits with inferiority complexes. That is why in the United States is fashionable to be gigolo. Read the link, very useful information.

On average, every American has a 4 credit cards. One in seven Americans has more than 10 credit cards! That is, it can not pay its own costs and pay the interest on the credit card kreditom.A big. So they formed a huge debt.

In foreign trade, too much to boast of Amer. Even the cheap dollar does not help them push their products for export. For every dollar spent by China on U.S. goods by the United States spends $ 4 on Chinese goods.

Overall external trade deficit of States for 2011 will be an astronomical figure is 558 billion dollars! Just print candy wrappers and pay for imports.

About 46% of Americans have on their pension fund at least 10,000 dollars. And 29% have less than $ 1,000.  Retirement, buy a rope, soap, dine in the restaurant goodbye and hung up.

The number of homeless children in the United States increased from 2007 to 3%! Just like Shkid Republic.

More about the numbers of children in the United States. In Philadelphia, 36% of children live in poverty, and poverty. In Atlanta, 40% of children, 52% in Cleveland, Detroit's 53%. And some liberasty stupidly think that the United States will provide our unemployed and poor work tool. They are my children can not feed, why would they you liberast?

Not enough money from the States all its searchlights. For the third consecutive year, the budget deficit in the United States more than one trillona dollars! In 2011, the U.S. budget deficit will be about astronomical $ 1.3 trillion. Liberasty, you will soon be removed from allowances or cut back on your soldering.

The current U.S. national debt is a staggering $ 15 trillion. 15 trillion debt is such a large sum, that if States would begin to pay for $ 1 per second, it would take 440,000 years to pay your entire debt. In short never pay the debt.

When Bo came to the White obkom deficit was just 10.6 trillion dollars. This means the government increased the national debt by BO $ 4 billion a day. The funny thing is, BO still wants to be re-elected for a new term. No it does not abuse, not accused of selling the country, bankruptcy power. It should be a team of agitators from Russia to send to the States, so they taught the local electorate.

What do you think how much the average price of a home in Detroit? Do not call the astronomical figures. Today, the average price of a home in Detroit dropped to $ 6000! Do not believe me? Read for yourself. And why no one holds a meeting with the slogan: Power down!

I still have a lot of statistics. In this text, a lot of links. Open each one, read, compare their power, their president, their mayor with ihnimi. Compare your salary, the lives of their children with ihnimi. Compare how many went up your flat / house and compare with ihnimi. Compare the budget figures, the balance of foreign trade, pension funds — with ihnimi. Then a smoke / drink coffee / tea maker. Think. Then decide what to do: hold a meeting to go against their government? Or maybe buy a ticket to fly to the United States in the street to catch their electorate, collect them, talk with them, to open their eyes, to teach them to hold a rally and press its power.
Solve it yourself.


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