Story of the continuation: nuclear event and an earthquake near Chicago

Story of the continuation: nuclear event and an earthquake near Chicago Danger Zone

January 30, 2012 a nuclear reactor 152 miles from Chicago, Illinois, let off steam with radioactive tritium.

As a result of a power nuclear power plant was closed at 16:18 (UTC). According to federal regulators, and representatives of Exelon Nuclear steam was released to reduce the pressure. Levels of tritium in the pair is considered safe.

Some facts about tritium

As in other cases of radiation, the risk of cancer increases. However, due to the fact that it emits a small amount of energy and leaves the body relatively quickly, if released tritium into the body in a certain amount of influence exerted will be one of the least hazardous in comparison with other radionuclides. Tritium is easily absorbed into the soft tissues and organs, and the dose depends on the water content in the tissue.

Each person is subject to a small amount of tritium that enters the body naturally. It is formed in the upper atmosphere when cosmic rays collide with molecules of nitrogen. Those who live or work close to the buildings in which to conduct nuclear research reactors or near industrial plants for the production of weapons, exposure to radiation is much higher.

Significant role in the production of tritium regains thermonuclear weapons, as part of the trigger mechanism. In addition, it is used to produce self-luminous devices, such as exit signs, graded devices on airplanes, luminous paint and watch. Tritium is also used in the study of metabolism of possible drugs.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported a small earthquake

January 31, 2012 at 03:54 (UTC) in the region of nuclear events, an earthquake measuring 2.4. Residents of surrounding areas felt the tremors, but no injuries were found. Weak earthquakes in Illinois occur at regular intervals, for example, one of them happened in the south of the state two weeks ago.

Sonic boom followed Nuclear Event

Residents claim that on the night of 30 to 31 January to local time felt several sonic booms. However, there is no official data on the subject.

Sonic boom is a sound that is comparable to the shock plane flying at supersonic speeds. When sound strikes generates huge amount of sound energy, resembling an explosion.

Some time later …

… In an area of Chicago's South Side 4 people injured as a result of the partial collapse of the three-story building. Presumably the accident happened because of the cleavage of the upper facade on the roof level. 3 people are in a satisfactory condition severity, and 1 — in a satisfactory manner.

What else happened in Illinois?

Midwest Consortium for isolation of geological waste excretion of carbon dioxide began to be placed on a permanent basis at a depth of more than 2 km in the reservoir, which is located under several layers of shale sandstone Mt. Simon Sandstone. Approximate capacity of the reservoir is from 11 to 151 billion tons. Carbon dioxide is "captured" in the fermentation process for ethanol by ADM (Archer Daniels Midland). In order to facilitate the extraction process and subsequent storage, carbon dioxide will be converted into a thick liquid.

Isolation of carbon dioxide is part of the U.S. Department of Energy, launched in 2003. Illinois has a special role in this matter, as in the state of nuclear power plants are 7, 6 of which are active.

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