Strange sounds awaken the residents of Canadian cities

September 2, 2013. Locals say the animal, which is settled in the nearby woods, or on military trials.

"I heard this strange sound twice this summer. The first time did not have time to write, and today jumped from the bedroom in the morning and recorded. This sound is heard and my son — his voice is in the video. Other residents of the city have also heard it. But none of the rulers could not explain to us what it is, "- writes the author of the video in the comments.

Video viewed half a million people who have written thousands of comments, mostly sarcastic. "It bulldozers reproduce," "No, it's drunk saxophonist" — write ironic users.

Source: Rosbalt


Strange sounds in the Canadian city of Terrace

September 2, 2013. Strange sounds were heard in the Canadian city of Terrace on August 29. According to the author of the video annotation: "This is the second time I've heard like this in Terrace. The first was June 19, 2013, but it was not as intense as this morning, August 29 at 7:30 am when I was awakened by the sound of it.

I jumped out and began to shoot the video neighborhood. My seven year old son also was awakened by the sounds and was very interested in them. He said that this noise shook the windows in the bedroom. Later, I went to load the video and read on the facebook that other local residents have also heard the sound. I have no idea what it was. "

Source: Paranormal News

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