Strong spirit stronger than steel

From the memoirs of a German captain Helmut Welz. November 11, 1942 

Enemy forces hold significant parts of the factory "Red October". The main center of resistance — open-hearth shop.
The capture of this plant is the fall of Stalingrad.
179th Engineer Battalion reinforced 11.11 seizes shop and makes its way to the Volga. The immediate challenge — the south-east side of the shop.
I looked at the clock: 02.55. Everything is ready. Strike groups have already taken starting positions for the attack
It's time to go … our artillery barrage already carries on. Come on! ..

Inside the plant is a continuous funnel. Aircraft bombed for weeks on this plant. Squadron of bombers, dive and conventional, replaced each other. Howitzers, cannons and mortars overturned all
upside down. Here, there is not a unified whole place …

A deafening roar: We throw hand grenades. Defending resist by all means. Yes, it is persistent guys.

Defending hit from all sides. Death howls to the skies. The last effort to get to the crater in the corner shop. There's someone there. This is our doctor. He binds up the wounded.
— How much for yours?
— Seven.
I can not believe three hours, and the progress of the seventy meters!

At this very moment over the shop just soared up red flare behind it — green. That means: Russian counterattack begin …

So, the end! All was to no avail. I do not know from where Russian forces have taken. Simply inconceivable. Impotent rage over me. The first time during the war stand in front of goal, which is simply impossible
resolved. Outcome scathing. More than half of the soldiers killed or seriously injured. Killed was smuggled out only partially, as the enemy continued the pursuit. Now the plant is again fully in the hands of the Russian.
Position as the day before.

So, shop direct attack is not taken. Anyway, not our own. This realization shocks me …

How it will end, Stalingrad and the whole war?

"Komsomolskaya Pravda", January 29, 1970.

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