Strong winds are raging in the south-western United States

Strong winds are raging in the south-western United States Natural disasters

Who came from the east wind of Santa Ana with devastating force swept over the south-western part of the United States on November 30 and December 1. Wind gusts recorded in the mountain range of Sierra Crest exceeded 140 m / s wind, causing the wind got the status of category 4 hurricane. Over the past 10 years, this strong wind in the region. In the states of California, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada to gusts up to 74 m / s, resulting in damage to trees, power lines and vehicles. Many people were left without electricity, difficult work of airports.

Typically, Santa Ana appears in late fall or early winter, when the mountain winds arising from the strong gradient between the zone of high and low pressure, bringing strong wind mass in southern California. Movement between the zone of high pressure in the north-western United States and the area of low pressure moving to Arizona, creating closely spaced lines of equal pressure (isobars), which generates a strong wind. This can cause a drop in humidity, increasing the risk of fire that spreads quickly.

In Los Angeles County, California, a state of emergency. Many schools are closed because of a power failure. For this reason, at the airport in Los Angeles 20 local and 3 international air flight delayed. Firefighters processed about 460 applications for damaged power lines and thousands of calls about the fire. 40 Pasadena residents evacuated, at least 40 buildings in the city to be demolished. In El Dorado County recorded seven fires.

At the moment, the special services are engaged in clearing the city parks of 400 fallen trees and power recovery 27 thousand inhabitants, two hospitals and several fire stations. Hundred of thousands of buildings in the region are still without electricity.

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