SU-27K and J-15. NOT is no silver lining

SU-27K and J-15. NOT is no silver lining
One of the participants in the negotiations for the purchase of Russian Su-27 first-1990s said on first acquaintance with the deck fighter Su-27K.
In 1970, China has developed a project escort carrier with fighters on board. Navy Command requested the Ministry of the aviation industry to create a deck version of the fighter J-7 (MiG-21) from the brake hook, but the project was never realized.
In 1992, after discovering an unfinished aircraft carrier «Varyag» in Ukraine, the Chinese delegation flew to Russia for talks on the purchase of Su-27 fighters. At the request of the Chinese, a demonstration was based fighter Su-27K. The plane made a great memory for guests, namely, brake hook design, a powerful anti-ship missile under the fuselage, airborne radar gun control. The delegation was instructed among several 10’s Su-27 purchase multiple units Su-27K, but our homeland insisted on more machines purchased. China at that time already had planned to use the Su-27K for training future pilots deck aircraft on the ground belonging to the Air Force, and explore technology options deck.
Purchase of the Su-27K is not accomplished, and negotiator, looking back, says that it was even better because it is more trouble forced China to rely on their own strength, resulting in J-15 appeared.
photo — fighter aircraft Su-27K Russian Navy friction on the ground airfield

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