Sweet dreams



Guests sweet institutions will be asked to "eat through" their way through the windows and walls covered with almond cookies and eat meringue rugs and window sills made of sweets.

The world's first "hotel", made entirely of cakes, will be able to welcome their guests only for one night. Guests will be offered a pillow of vanilla sponge and handmade carpet, painstakingly created from meringue.

The facility is located in Soho in central London, and is the result of 14 artists who have spent more than 2,000 hours to 900 hours of baking and decorating at the hotel, having used it more than 600 kilograms of sugar.


During your stay you will be able to literally eat through his way through the walls covered more than 2,000 almond biscuits. Also they will be able to feast on garlands made of 20 kg of marshmallow mat collected from 1081 meringue sill, made entirely of sweets and even "adopt" a bath filled with caramelized popcorn. In addition, lockers and cabinets can be detected quite edible book.


The work of culinary art is a part of an advertising campaign, the company Tate & Lyle Sugar, which demonstrates the new direction of its activities. Edible hotel has three floors and eight rooms.


A spokesman for the company Tate & Lyle Sugar James Whiteley said that the project — a work of art and it is the spirit of the company. "We believe that the hotel of cakes perfectly reflects our passion, inspiration and experience, which we used to create a new series of gold and brown cane sugar", — he said.

The company hopes that their example will be contagious. "We want to make cakes hotel in which we have demonstrated in all its beauty and versatility of golden brown cane sugar to inspire people to think more creatively cooking and sweets", — said Whiteley.


Eight tasting rooms of the hotel set up in the most varied themes — Mediterranean bedroom, pirates of the Caribbean treasure chests filled with edible pearls, doubloons and sabers of spicy ginger, a British gold style of sugar syrup, as well as a room dedicated to the South Pacific with a two-meter Easter Island statue made entirely of chocolate cake.

Vasily Borisov

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