Switzerland will reduce its pilots aces


In order to save the Swiss Air Force in 2016 decided to abolish its aerobatic team "Patrouille Suisse". The public is dissatisfied with the Alpine republic and believes that this will cause irreparable damage to the image of the country

Swiss President Uli Maerer, who is also head of the Ministry of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports of Switzerland, at a meeting of the parliamentary committee February 12, 2013, which discussed the issue of procurement of new combat aircraft from the Swedish Saab JAS 39 "Gripen", announced that the country will cut pilots aces of the aerobatic team "Patrouille Suisse» (Patrouille Suisse). This is the only aerobatic team in Switzerland on a flight by jet fighters. "We can no longer contain the aircraft for tradition," — said the president.

The announcement angered the Swiss public and politicians. The leader of the opposition Conservative Democratic Party Martin Landolt (Martin Landolt) accused the president that he underestimates the symbolic value aerobatic team, the president of the Swiss Christian Democrats Darbel Christophe (Christophe Darbellay) described the incident as a provocation.

In an online poll on the website of Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten 74 per cent of people voted against closing the "Patrouille Suisse": the public believes that Maerer decided to destroy one of the few symbols of the Swiss army, although some commentators on the site said that this "aerial ballet" has long needed was eliminated because it does not meet the objectives of the army.

The squadron "Patrouille Suisse" was founded in 1964 and carries elements of aerobatics in jet aircraft US-made F-5E in the characteristic red-and-white coloring. Buy "Gripenov" automatically means that the Swiss Air Force can not update the fleet of F-5E for "Patrouille Suisse" and the service life of existing vehicles will be developed in 2016.

Besides the "Patrouille Suisse" in the Swiss Air Force has one more flight group, PC-7 Team, but it flies on simple turboprop training aircraft.


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