Systematics is a new version of hardware and software Sabri

Company Taxonomy is a new version of hardware and software Sabri — Automatic non-contact vehicle, built on rfid-equipment RST-Invent.

The update includes both core software and functionality of the system — version 3.1 Sabri optional module includes online ordering badges. Previously, the system was designed exclusively for the control of transport equipped with rfid-tags, online module allows you to register a pass any cars. 
The module operates on the basis of the submission of required information on the vehicle in the form of a bar code and then use it when entering the territory with limited access.
This feature simplifies the control of its own fleet and third-party registration of vehicles, regularly coming to the protected area.
Module online a pass intended for use in warehouses, discharge zones of shopping centers and supermarkets, ports and freight rail stations, any organization using both your own or third-party fleet.
The hardware-software complex "Sabra" was initiated by the security personnel of St. Petersburg "" Baltika ". Available at the time of the system, based on videoraspoznavanii rooms, could not solve the tasks required of the accounting systems of vehicles — 100% recognition of the fact of crossing the checkpoint car in all weather conditions.
At present, the system has become quite versatile, it is constantly evolving, it appears the new features: location within a limited area, SMS-reporting of the event, a database of technical condition of vehicles and a newly developed feature — online ordering module passes. "
— Expressed their opinion Head of System Solutions Evgeny Shuvalov.

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