SZMK certified the production of metal goods for foreign buyers

"Siberian Plant of Metal" certified by the standards of the American Association of welding. For a positive result to buy additional equipment SZMK not required — to SZMK the most modern production equipment, delivered from Sweden and Germany.

Now the whole technological complex enterprise complies not only with all the necessary Russian standards, but also the more stringent requirements of the American Association of welding. Such certification to SZMK none of Siberian enterprises have not yet passed.

"For the engineering company Fluor Corporation (USA), working on the project" Sakhalin-1 ", it took a certain amount of metal, with their demands included the mandatory certification of welding. Leading organization in Russia for such certification is the National Agency for the control and welding (NAKS). And we are doing this order, certified welders and their equipment and technology enterprise requirements NAKS. It … does not mean that we initially did not matter the quality of products, and now it has become a good — quality metal SZMK, as well as corporate culture, Americans, and so arranged. They saw that everything is normal, but it was not appropriate permits. Now we have them, "- said the head of SZMK Vladimir Nikiforov.

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