Tavistock experiment

Imagine you were told that "The Beatles" — is the result of a social experiment on the change of consciousness that has no parallel in history. Whose popularity has been artificially created by the British and American social scientists. Fans 'Fab Four', for sure, will tear a man to pieces (before they, apparently, on this basis, crazy [1]). The rest will raise say these words to laugh, or find a madman. Especially if they once took part in the youth movement of the 60s with the motto: «sex, drugs and rock-n-roll». And those in the West — the majority. Although the Soviet Union remained aloof from the upheavals suffered by Westerners, and trends of the sixties came to us.

Of course, do not be a "Beatles", there would be no rock music, nor any of its numerous "descendants" (virtually all areas of modern music, from metal to pop rock came from the sixties). But according to the author of "Committee of 300" [2] "The Beatles" would never have become hugely group, does not attach to it your hands Theodor Adorno [3] who has composed music for most of the hits "The Beatles", and numerous media outlets operated by orders "from above" (more on this version, see the above-mentioned book).

Many will say that this is nonsense, because it is contrary to common sense. And if anyone thought about how he had this common sense come from? And why is it you have it common? Anyway, getting back to "The Beatles." Most objectors certainly will refer to the history of the band "The Beatles" (as if all there — the truth from the first to the last line.) It's Adorno — words. And no, and the court is not. But the fact of the matter is that a large crowd is much easier to deceive than one person. The crowd tell me what everyone thinks, or — the most famous and respected by society people say that it was so and so …. "All the people think so" — a very strong argument for the layman.

However, it's the lyrics. It is better to go to the very heart of the matter: subject the question several well-known "truths." And believe or not — your business.

They brought with them into the world of "hope, peace and love"

How is "The Beatles" have won a wide popularity? Usually answer something like this: the guys from "The Beatles" were not only talented musicians, but could not find the key to the hearts of millions of young people. John Lennon and associates were protesting against an outdated social system. Against wealth, human selfishness, cruelty and violence. In short, they are a bit of a rock-Communists (remember the revolutionary slogan of "liberty, equality and fraternity).

And now all this, but on the other side. Ralph Epperson, author of "The Invisible Hand, or Introduction to look at history as a conspiracy" [4] quotes the words of the American writer Gary Allen: «Young people believe that rebels against the establishment. And the establishment is owned and operated radio and television stations, magazines and a massive record companies that have turned to rock music and its performers into a powerful force in American life. " Add, not just the U.S..

The question is, which "capitalists" to help their ideological "enemies"? Only in the event that the "enemies" are not dangerous and are controlled by the "establishment". If so, then it is understandable why, in June 1965 for "outstanding contribution to the prosperity of the UK 'Queen awarded with the Order of the British Empire (because of the protest of some of the Order of the ceremony took place in late October). Why British monarchy — the keeper of morality and the Protestant religion — awarded the honor of John Lennon's famous rebel and leader of the youth revolution of the 60's, which in the summer of next year said, "Christianity will sooner or later become obsolete. It cringe and disappear. " Or the so-called youth revolution was entirely planned and played out without a hitch?

How to create youth revolution

After the book by John Coleman, who led many of the facts, does not seem like nonsense. He believes that "the phenomenon of" The Beatles "was not a spontaneous revolt of youth against the old social system. On the contrary, it was an elaborate plan are elusive conspirators extremely destructive element in a large target population, which is planned to change the mind against her will. "

According to him, apart from a small group of teenagers "no one would have paid attention to the motley group from Liverpool, if the press did not raise a real buzz around them" ("non-believers" advise to remember how "become" popular modern pop stars). A twelve-atonal system of "music" [5] for "The Beatles" composed by famous music theorist. Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and its Stanford Research Center created a special youth slang ("teenager», «cool» and other words were invented by scientists sociologists), a new style of clothing, hairstyles. In a word, created a new style of life (the beatniks, hippies, "beat generation"). Thus, the border was delineated by a task force of impact (the process of "fragmentation — maladaptation"), which has dragged millions of young people into their cult.

Western young people (especially American) underwent a radical revolution (though many believe that young people are very organized this revolution), which began on February 7, 1964, when "the Liverpool four" arrived in New York's Kennedy Airport. Just a few days through the media "The Beatles" became hugely popular. Followed by "The Beatles" in the United States began to arrive, and other rock bands. Rock concerts have become a must-have everyday lives of American youth. In tandem with these "concerts" in proportion to increased consumption and youth drug use. Devilish bedlam of heavy percussion sounds [6] drowned the minds of listeners to such an extent that any one could easily persuaded to try a new drug just because "everyone is doing it."

At this time, one of the chemists, the Swiss pharmaceutical company «Sandoz» opened the synthesis of ergotamine — one of the most powerful mind-altering drugs. It was lysergic acid, better known as LSD. The new "wonder drug" has spread rapidly in the "test" packages handed out for free in colleges and at rock concerts throughout the United States. LSD accustomed to America's youth and other drugs.

Despite the apparent increase in drug trafficking, the Office for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) did not interfere in the situation. The older generation, of course, revolted. But their anger is not turned the drug to the source of the spread of evil and the consequences of drug abuse. Accused youth, parents, law enforcement agencies, but not of those who set it up.

You can not advertise, but you can discuss

How are advertised new lifestyle, sexual revolution, drugs? Very simple. Since you can not advertise a drug, you can just start talking about them. Organizes all kinds of talk shows, where the air group of "experts" tout drugs under the guise of "discussion", and show participants show different points of view, the supporters and the opponents are in favor or against. The newspapers and magazines are written detailed articles on the issue. As a result, the issue was discussed firmly stuck in the minds of the public. In addition, elders and youth (who had previously been "fragmented" from each other) have different perceptions of this information, so the "propagandists drugs" on television and the print media were expressed in such a way as to be understood only young. As a natural result of "discussion of the problem to be created": the growth of drug distribution. In the same way, in the Soviet Union (and later Russia), "there was" sex, drugs, homosexuals, etc. All these phenomena are, of course, existed before, but have become a serious problem only after they began to publicly advertise the guise of discussion.

By the way, the so-called "war on drugs" — a farce (only catch those trying to single-handedly start to get into this business or occasional minor parties). The true owners of the drug are not representatives of developing countries, and the drugs are usually transported in large quantities under the safe cover.

Who it's needed?

If you still disagree with the fact that the youth revolution of the sixties was a well-planned action, a natural question arises: why all this was necessary?

First, for the sake of money. Fluctuations in air commerce brings astronomical conditions. Moreover, revenues exceed expenditures in the tens or hundreds of times. Music does not apply to essential goods, but it feeds on a huge number of various musicians, producers, promoters, record companies, the media, etc. Even more income gives the drug trade (in Western countries is closely associated with the music).

And, most importantly, the Western scientists and politicians, hard vilify the Nazis and the Communists, have created a new form of totalitarianism for control over the individual. This revolution is not really liberated youth, but rather enslave (remember George Orwell's "freedom — it is slavery"). If earlier the youth has always actively protested against the existing world order, now all of their energy is directed from the political sphere to the "shaggy hairstyles, dirty pants and smoking" grass "(what is now the" rules "of pop, not rock, it does not matter). The current youth protest — passive and no longer has the power of the former, which allowed them to actively change the world. Despite the fact that today's young people think they can have the freedom to choose and to think for themselves, it has never been so manageable and directed.

Some oddities in the history of "The Beatles" and their works

Oddly enough, but "The Beatles" by recording his first record in 1963, three years later, in August 1966 give his last concert. And run away in 1970 at the height of his fame, lasted only eleven years old. Could it be that in August of 1969 dies Theodor Adorno (their possible mastermind). But the popularity of John Lennon's only growing. And his murder (possibly have been adjusted and intelligence agencies are still not fully declassified) finally secured him the image of a youth idol.

The names of some of the songs "The Beatles", it turns out, there is a hidden subtext drug.

"Yellow Submarine" — "Submarine" — braked drug.
«Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds» — Caps significant title words are added to the drug LSD.
«Hey Jude» — broadly interpreted as a song about the drug, known as metadrin.
"Strawberry Fields" — to conceal the opium poppy it is often planted in the bush of strawberries.
"Norwegian Wood" — the British title of marijuana.

Hope dies last. Then people die

So those who still believe in the fact that "The Beatles" brought into the world of "hope, peace and love", are sadly mistaken. They have brought into the world of drugs. That is destroyed and the hope and peace, and love.

[1] Fans threaten to kill Mark Chepmmena who shot John Lennon December 8, 1980, when he will be pardoned.
[2] Dr. John Coleman. "The Committee of 300. Secrets of a world government. " (More commonly known as the "Committee of 300").
[3] Adorno (real name — Wiesengrund) Theodore (11.09.1903, Frankfurt am Main — 06/08/1969, FISP, Switzerland). German social philosopher, sociologist of art (mostly music) and literature. From 1931 he taught at the University of Frankfurt (where he returned in 1949), and in 1934 he was forced into exile in Britain, has worked since 1938 in the United States. One of the leading members of the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School. Employee, and then co-director of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research. He studied the processes of "reification" and "fetishism" in contemporary music and its perception of the audience. Gradually moved to the analysis from this perspective, and other fields of art, literature and philosophy. The author of several major works in the field of sociology, and art.
[4] http://www.dotu.ru/files/apperson.zip.
[5] There are two different systems of music: 7-ary — "tone", "Orphic" or "white", and the 12-ary — "atonal", "Dionysian" or "black". Rock music of "The Beatles" was based on a 12-hexadecimal. A Russian folk song — on the tonal system.
[6] There is evidence that the Americans tortured Iraqi prisoners, forcing them to constantly listen to hard rock music.

Maxim Ivanov, Cheboksary, October 6, 2004


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