Telepathic communication between people close to real


Spiritual connection between loving people, especially between parents and children is well known. Researchers believe that among these people there is a constant telepathic contact. For example, when one of them die, and the other immediately found out.

Souls of children and parents are always in contact with each other. It is believed that by telepathy close people exchange information with each other all the time, every minute. But this information often does not reach the consciousness of the person to whom it is sent.

Telepathic way of communicating is extremely thin and delicate, and in everyday life it is usually obscured from our ordinary consciousness thoughts and feelings. It takes a strong emotional impulse to telepathic signal was realized. Such a pulse will rend the man only at the most important events of his life. The most significant event is the death.

On a subtle level, people always feel the tragedy that occurred with one of his relatives. And when later comes the official announcement of the event, he was inwardly know that it happened. The largest number of examples is given during the war.

In the late 1950s in a Soviet magazine was placed a feature story in which the daughter, located in the rear of the night waking up with the thought that at that moment her father might die on the front. This was at 4:30 in the morning. Later, she received a letter from a colleague of his father, who described his death, which happened on the day and at the time.

Essay has caused an avalanche of readers' letters. Thousands of people have talked about the same, and cited instances when they suddenly realize not only the death of their fathers or sons, but somehow even seen a picture of their death. Many reported that it was like a rush of oblivion, in which, as in a dream, in front of them swam picture bereavement. They talked about the dreams, the visions of family and friends, and after a while, sometimes long, it became clear that the painting was revealed to them is quite true.

Particularly strong telepathic connection between mothers and children. Shakes published in the early 1990s, the story of a woman during the war, which was in the besieged Leningrad. On the ice of Lake Ladoga in the city delivered goods and exported from its residents, mostly children. Above the lake flew Nazi bombers. A lot of the bombed truck died before reaching the shore. The woman told how trucks ferrying children to the mainland.

Their mother remained in the city and were waiting for messages on the radio about the results of transportation. They were all sitting in a large room next to the room signalers. The witness told us that almost always the mother in advance, even before entering radio spots, know their children are safely transported or not.

It was that in the tense silence one of them suddenly began to wail, lament picked up her other women, some darting around the room or feeling deprived. It was only much later came the news that a truck with their children died. This was not the time. But when the kids get to shore safely, no specific incidents of expecting mothers were not.

The soul is forgiven, appearing in the form of ghosts

Telepathic signal sent to a friend, can be not only strong, but also branched, ie, it can take multiple people.

Known case with the family of Moses, which occurred in 2001. In the evening on the streets of Moscow 48-year-old Galina Arkadevnu death of Moses hit by a car. Her eldest daughter, who was in Moscow at that moment, suddenly thought of her mother, and the thought of it has caused great concern. After half an hour from Prague called the second daughter, who persistently asked about the health of the mother.

Within an hour, as called third daughter, who married a New Zealander and is thousands of miles away from Moscow. Later, when the three met at the funeral of his daughter, they got to talking about the case and found that disturbing thought occurred to the mother of all three of them at one and the same time.

From the stories of survivors of out of body experience, we know that being in a coma is often carried in their astral bodies hundreds of kilometers away from the place where lies their physical body. As a rule, they are transported to their loved ones, to warn them of his death and to encourage them, to say that in the next world they are doing well. Soul try to engage in lively conversation. But they do not see them or hear only a telepathic level capture their treatment and are beginning to worry.

Perhaps the same thing happens to the souls of those who died for real, and not fall into clinical death. Before you leave for other worlds, they come to visit loved ones and tell them about what happened to them.

If communication can not be telepathic communication through words. Telepathy — is communication through images and feelings. Flown away the soul can give a loved one a sense, at least — to send a visual image. Even rarer souls appear before the people in visible form (probably creating their astral doubles).

One summer, about five in the morning, from Moscow Ludmila K. and her husband heard the door in the hallway shuffling footsteps of her 63-year-old father. Then the door opened and for a moment he looked into the room. They heard him cough. My father suffered from asthma and coughing frequently. Lyudmila incredibly surprised. The father now had to be in the country. How could he appear in the apartment unnoticed from her?

She and her husband went into the corridor. Father was not here. From his room looked out their two teenage daughters. "Mom, Grandpa came back — they spoke softly, glancing at the door of the room of his grandfather. — We have heard him coughing! "Lyudmila, also in a whisper, asked them if they had seen him coming. It turned out that my grandfather was never seen again. But he is, without a doubt, was here.

Lyudmila gently knocked. No one answered. All surprised that the door is locked. Grandfather is usually not locked. Not knowing what to think, Lyudmila sought out the spare key and unlocked the door. Father not in the room. And all indications are that the room was empty for a month — since then, his father had gone to the country …

And after a couple of hours she got a call from a horticultural society and said: Her father died this morning around 5:00 from a heart attack.

Later, Lyudmila K. approached about the incident to the experts, because the father appeared exactly at the time when he died. But they could not explain anything.

Perhaps she was referring not to those skilled in the art. Any psychic, magician, wizard, a village head, curing herbs would tell her that her apartment that morning had just visited her deceased father or his astral double. It is believed that the dead are alive in front only when they feel this urgency. Perhaps the father wanted to communicate something important, or do away with any thing. But what exactly was the purpose of his visit — to imagine herself Ludmila.

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