Tell them NO: fireworks!

Preparing for the New Year holidays, entering the active phase. Buy firecrackers it becomes an indispensable attribute. If you want to contribute to the ecology of the planet — do not engage in it! Do not support this vicious business, do not keep the lovers of this empty and dirty fun. Go outside and with all the strength babahnut, startling sky, stars, birds, small children — well, is not this fun? If some person such primitive fun amuses and entertains, it only shows a low level of its spiritual culture. I wonder what people think of stars, looking at the frenzied Christmas "bombing"? Hardly something good. If your fun of someone suffering, how can you call this fun? Cool because you can have fun without disturbing the peace and beauty of the world!

When we still lived in the city I love in the morning to open the window and listen to the beautiful singing of the birds that lived in our house serf pine. When Jan. 1, after the terrible "bombing," from which our children hardly slept (just like during the war), I opened the window — the bird does not sing. She did not sing, and January 2 and 3. She never sang — flown or died of shock. And how many of these birds, frightened to death New Year's firecrackers, in all cities?

I do not consider such environmental problems associated with firecrackers — their production, transportation, and disposal of toxic contaminant substances in the air after the explosions. But these problems would simply not exist if we just did not buy firecrackers. No firecrackers — one environmental problem less. A tragic accident in Perm now caught up in the fear of the inhabitants — and it certainly will reduce the sale of firecrackers. Well and good. If people do not have enough awareness to understand the basic things — surrounding nature and the people around them should be respected, let them learn to respect them for fear of losing their own lives.

Once upon a time, when the level of the spiritual culture of mankind has not been so low as it is now, people are having a good time, so that the entire planet was fun, because during each holiday to perform certain ritual actions that contribute to the generation and accumulation of huge amount of light energy that transforms the world . And the whole world rejoiced and thanked the man for this gift of light transformation.

In modern urban children, a new disease. It is not so common, and it is not considered too dangerous, though … It's fear of … silence. Some urban children from infancy grow under the "urban music" roads, incessant chatter of the TV, primitive radio chatter, the buzz of home appliances and other noise, which we simply do not notice. And when these children first hear the natural silence, they fall into shock. They start by all means try to drown out the silence, because it is not used to it, do not know what it is. State of silence for them unnatural. The most that they can do — begin to speak for yourself. And they say, they say, because, when it's quiet — it is terrible.

But this is such an important skill — listening to the silence. Remember the "Concerts of Silence" in a wonderful, eco-friendly film "The Lovely Green"? It's a real art — listen to the silence. They do not own the people who walking in the park, listening to the radio, and even at full volume. Those who are enjoying the outdoors, with a guitar screaming "thieves" songs. You really want to go up to them and say, "Do not litter the words" What else can you listen to nature, but nature itself? And quietly singing along to her my heart …

There is a very useful exercise for the development of hearing — just listen to the silence, and when you're in it deep Listen, you'll hear that it is not so quiet — it rings. And if you listen to the silence of the natural, then you get into the boundless ocean of sound: it will swaying grass, and the rustling of a leaf, and a breath of wind, and the rattling of insect wings. The finest shades of natural sounds, not only develop good ear, but also have a beneficial effect on our psyche, especially on the psyche of the child. These sounds purify our mind, ennoble our inner world — in short, we harmonize. Natural, natural silence is needed not only to birds and other animals, not only for our children — for a restful, peaceful sleep and their harmonious development, it is necessary for all of us for our spiritual health, for our full life,

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