Terrorism in the United States today


Complaints about the quality of the water — it is an "act of terrorism".

At least, according to officials of Tennessee, as he said during a meeting with the local people when they said that their children are sick because of the "muddy water with a weird taste."

The representative of the Ministry of Environment of Tennessee told a group of concerned citizens that complaints about the quality of the water can be seen as an "act of terrorism" — says The Tennessean.

Sherwin Smith (Sherwin Smith), deputy director of the Department of Water Resources, Ministry of Environment of Tennessee, made the remarks during a meeting with residents of Maury County (Tennessee). The meeting, organized by a member of the House of Representatives of the State of Sheila Butt (Sheila Butt), tried to pay attention to the complaints of the residents of the local water, due to which their children are sick. In the record received The Tennessean, you can hear how Smith compares the activity of citizens and complaints about the quality of water that DHS (Department of Homeland Security United States) defines as "an act of terrorism":

"We are very serious about the quality of the water. A very, very seriously … But you have to make when complaining about the quality of the water that you have for this reason, because with the state's point of view, if there are no problems with water quality, it can be considered an act of terrorism, which is in the jurisdiction of Homeland Security. "

As reported by The Tennessean, some residents reacted to this statement — as "an attempt to force complaining about silence." One 68-year-old woman, who said she "prays" before drinking "turbid water with a strange taste", in a speech Smith felt an obvious idea: "Get away from us. Do not say more about it. We're not going to touch any your problems. "
The official spokesman of the Ministry of Environment said the ministry is investigating the incident:

"With regard to the statement made by a member of the department of water resources at that meeting — we just got the information and study it carefully … The Ministry wishes to fully explore all that was said during that meeting. I was told that the meeting was a lot longer than the excerpt recorded on the tape, and that Mr. Smith then explained his remarks. But I repeat, we are studying it. "

At the time of publication, the Department of Homeland Security did not provide comments.

Source:Tennessee Official Says Complaining About Water Quality Could Be Considered 'Act of Terrorism', Steven Hsieh, AlterNet, June 21, 2013.


Anti-war activists in the United States are equated with terrorists.

Activists who favor the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, with the support of the National Lawyers Guild of Lawyers (National Lawyers Guild — NLG), learned that recorded in the database of U.S. domestic terrorists, and were under the supervision of the U.S. Army, Coast Guard, the Washington think tank and police Offices of Washington.

Brendan Dunn and Jeffrey Berryhill (Brendan Dunn and Jeffery Berryhill), who participated in the organization of actions, including non-violent civil disobedience as part of the militarization of the Resistance port (Port Militarization Resistance — PMR), conducted in 2006-2009 at the Olympia and Tacoma (Wash. ) were entered into a database of internal terrorists.

According to the lawsuit filed by Chris Adamson (Chris Adamson), who served as "Director of Regional Intelligence Group 5 of the Washington Fusion Center and the South Sound Regional Intelligence Group of the Washington Fusion Center — units of the Washington think tank," as well as "Lt. Pierce County sheriff's services "played an important role in the persecution of activists and introducing them to a terrorist database.

Dunn, Berryhill and two other activists were entered into the database, including "their photos, contact information, personal ratings, as well as false information about their propensity for violence and destruction of property."

The suit alleges that "this has caused great harm to the plaintiffs, including the prosecution and arrest."

Currently, the lawsuit is in the initial phase in which the collected evidence to the civil court. This is a demonstration event, because such incidents continue to occur, and last December, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that the war against the claim can be put forward for the surveillance of activists.

Member of the NLG, attorney Larry Hildes (Larry Hildes) — one of the lawyers involved in the case "against Panagakos Tower" said in December Firedoglake, that the decision was taken for the first time, "the first time that a court of appeals has ever said — yes, you can file a lawsuit against the military for spying on civil activists. As far as we know, has never been another case, in which he said it would be ", — he added. — "We have court cases against members of the army who were spying on our customers, our clients are arrested and so on," it means that we have reason to sue if it is proved the plaintiff's right to receive compensation for damages.

The charges in this trial are important and suggest that the army, the security services and the police USA colluding to "spy illegally arrest, harass, intimidate, distribute illegally obtained and false information" to suppress and destroy dissent and introduced into a group of protesters — says Hildes — pluck a demonstration against the "use of civilian ports in Puget Sound for loading assault weapons and other military goods bound for Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan."

In March 2007, Thomas Rudd (Thomas Rudd), the head of the defense forces of the First Division of the U.S. Army Corps at Fort Lewis, directed by John Jacob Tower (John Jacob Towery), a civil servant Force Protection Division, for the introduction of a group of activists, rubbing the credibility of the it, making reports about what was done and what was planned group, etc. He "became friendly with persons associated with PMR, Students for a Democratic Society (Students for a Democratic Society — SDS) and other groups in Olympia and Tacoma, and lied to them about the reason for joining them." He also supported Brendan Dunn, to which "took up" and other activists, and all of them lied.

Tower and Rudd, according to the suit — "influenced and directed the tactics that had been used by the police and other agencies Tacoma to disrupt the protests, without reasons or justifications. And also, was a secret hack security and a connection to the server from a privileged attorney's confidential client list to get information about the team defense-related court case, which started in June 2006. "

Jeff Herbig (Jeff Herbig), which served as a detective in the police department Olympia "acted illegally and secretly joined the same list on the server." Both defendants, Herbig & Tower, and Gary Smith (Gary Smith), Tacoma police lieutenant, and other members of the police department, made it "to gain an unfair advantage in the criminal case goes to trial."

In court, including, considered "a criminal case in connection with a demonstration at the Port of Olympia in May 2006." Herbig, Tower, Smith and another police lieutenant named Mark Federson (Mark Federson) «illegally obtained confidential table team judicial protection and handed it to the Thurston County Prosecutor's Office, where the court hearings on the case were in full swing."

The lawsuit says that then "followed a mistrial. Later, the case was dismissed because of prosecutorial error. This interrupted the court proceedings, which took place a few months, and all charges were dropped, repeated a claim against the same people must be filed this year. "

In May 2007, the lawyers representing the victims of activists argued that the Coast Guard "took root and illegally spied on PMR and other groups." Cliff Colvin (Cliff Colvin), employee or agent of the Coast Guard Investigative Service, lied about his motivation to join a group of activists, and reported false information about yourself to be able to spy on "meetings and shares» PMR, pluck these shares, as for the list of individuals and groups to arrests.

The lawsuit lists the following agencies who "spied on, or were introduced by other methods followed the stock PMR» and the members of this group: Thurston County sheriff's office, sheriff's office Grays Harbor, Pierce County sheriff's office, the Tacoma Police Department, Lakewood Police Department, Police Department Fort Lewis, 504th Military Police Branch, Aberdeen Police Department, Police Department Evergreen State College, the police department Lacey, Tumwater Police Department, Seattle Police Department, King County Sheriff's office, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Federal Protection Service, a division of Department of Homeland Security Investigation Service of the Navy, Exploration of the Air Force (which was a special group on the SDS activists and PMK at McGuire AFB in New Jersey), the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special force to combat terrorism in Seattle , as well as civilian employees of the City of Olympia.

Finally, the lawsuit claims that the activists had violated the rights to be granted to the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments, this includes the "right to an equitable, from the point of view of the law, protect, and they were subjected to imprisonment, they were inflicted pain, suffering and injury, the amount of which will be established at trial. "

Their "right to freedom of speech and the right to privacy" were violated, resulting in "physical and emotional injury and violation of the Constitution." They got the "physical and psychological trauma" and "have the right to compensation for the violation of their constitutional and personal rights."

Before this case, the court held, "Laird v. Tatum." It started off as a class action, which was filed in the Supreme Court in 1972 declared illegal "surveillance of political activities of law-abiding citizen" that violates the rights of activists provided by the First Amendment. The Supreme Court agreed with the requirements of the claim that it would pose a threat to some people, and stopped the trial. "

This case raises the obvious evidence of violations of the law of Posse Comitatus Law, which is to prohibit the armed forces to take part in the protection of civil order.

"Military service, in the literal sense, is to identify the enemy, to seek it and disarm," — said Hildes in December. — "If they decide that the enemy — these are people who are protesting against the war, we have a huge problem. If the enemy — we, the American people, as we show dissent when we express our opinion when we conduct the demonstration, the Constitution does not work. "

Exposer of the National Security Agency (NSA) Edward Snowden, who at this point is somewhere in the Moscow airport, unveiled a wealth of information about the monitoring mechanism by which the NSA spying is not only for foreigners but also for the citizens of the United States.

This case is similar to the ones that should make people think that just because the agency has, in their opinion, the statutory authority for the organization of surveillance does not mean that they are not misused and do not abuse them, and will not be used against the repressive apparatus innocent citizens, acting within their rights. The program PRISM — a program that can easily be used to stifle dissent, the same destructive manner as acting military, police, national security agents and officials of the City of Olympia.

Source:Activists the US Military Targeted & Spied Upon Were Designated 'Domestic Terrorists', Kevin Gosztola, Firedoglake, June 25, 2013.


Environmental activists — also terrorists.

Pipeline Keystone XL — it's not the disaster hanging over us. It's a whole bunch of disasters looming over us. The pipeline, which is planned to run from the sedimentary basin in western Canada in Alberta through a half-dozen U.S. states to the coast of Texas, already crowded with problems long before the completion of construction.

For those who do not know — the oil tar sands is far more greenhouse gases than conventional oil production. Furthermore, there is a problem of corrosion of oil activity affecting the pipeline itself. Corroded corrosive tar sands oil pipeline in 2010, and as a result, nearly a million gallons of oil spilled into the Kalamazoo River. Another spill of 40,000 gallons, caused by corrosion occurred in Illinois in 2012.

Pollution caused by the tar sands is almost impossible to clean. Three years and one billion dollars wasted — 38 miles Kalamazoo River remains extremely exhausted spill in 2010.

If the spill will fall into one of the intakes which are arranged on the project path of the pipeline, millions of people remain without drinking water. Under the project, the pipeline also crosses the seismically active zone and a large plot of Tornado Alley in America … but the earthquake and tornado destruction are never, right? Especially since there is no reason to worry, if you know that 75% of completed buildings are listed as "building anomalies" with a bad mortal glory that was recently discovered during a special inspection.

Given the range of risks posed by the pipeline Keystone XL, a large number of Americans go to the protests. They held demonstrations in the affected states and in Washington, DC, and posted on the Internet a video to tell the story. Some have participated in acts of civil disobedience such as chaining themselves to construction equipment and blocking construction sites. All of these actions were peaceful and non-violent.

So for these actions they are now called terrorists:
Environmental group Bold Nebraska (NE Brave) last week condemned the presentation Corporation TransCanada, carried out for government law enforcement agencies. The group Bold Nebraska has received the documents that the presentation through a request under the Freedom of Information Act and published them on its website.

«TransCanada is trying to portray concerned citizens in the form of violent, aggressive, delinquent, in fact, that they should be so described," — told reporters World-Herald CEO of Klib Jane (Jane Kleeb). — "They made a presentation to the FBI and our local law enforcement, portraying us criminals and law enforcement authorities say that they have to use anti-terrorism legislation to prosecute us in court. There is something fundamentally wrong. "

One page of the presentation was entitled "The History of the accident — Nebraska," and described the protests Bold Nebraska at Omaha office in the terms "public opposition" and "suspicious cars and photographers." It was also written: «Northern NE — wild and aggressive landowners", with a note: "the level of ability and determination — low".

One page was titled "Anti-terrorism provisions at the state level and the state. Attacks on critical infrastructure. " On this page of the points indicated that law enforcement agencies and the FBI can use anti-terrorism legislation to stop such protests, as sabotage of construction.

Sticking to the peaceful protesters labels "terrorists" to meet influential business circles — a disgusting and cynical perversion of the already vulgar and perverse anti-terrorism laws passed in haste, anger and blindness after September 11, 2001 … and, of course, this is nothing new:

A new report from the Center for Media and Democracy (Center for Media and Democracy — CMD) «Dissent and terror — as a national anti-terrorist unit in collaboration with corporate America acts against the Occupy Wall Street», written by CMD sponsor and publisher of DBA Press — Beau Hodai, shows in detail how American tax dollars are being spent on law enforcement and the so-called agency "internal security" for the total surveillance of Americans who express dissent about the extraordinary influence of some of the power of corporations in the world at our elected officials. This report describes:

— As employees of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security established the "think tanks" and spend countless time to spy on Americans, using Facebook and other social networks, and how think tanks across the country have spent countless time and the number of public finances in the surveillance of Occupy Wall Street, for the anti- -banking activists and human rights defenders, who expressed concern about the growth of the national security services authority.

— As corporations' share relevant information "from law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and how to use it, the combined national security apparatus was aimed at Americans who oppose these corporations.

— As individuals and groups of people, such as Charles Koch (Charles Koch), his son Chase Koch (Chase Koch), Koch Industries and funded Kohami American Legislative Council (American Legislative Exchange Council — ALEC) hired police officers in the service of the unemployed, sometimes even armed and uniformed — to protect their privacy and security hold at the required distance of unwanted people (journalists and activists).At a conference ALEC, like private security guards and police serving in the interests of ALEC and Resort, which hosted the conference, carried out the command of regular police officers, dressed in a special anti-buntovskuyu protection, which dispersed with pepper gas and arrested peaceful and law-abiding protesters.

— How the FBI launched against groups of Occupy Wall Street «Operation Power", which was originally intended for domestic terrorists arrested by private whistleblowers.

The recent exposure of a total program of NSA domestic spying on the American people were met with surprising apathy. The combination of stereotypes, "I do not do anything wrong, so why should I worry?" And "we know that this goes on for a long time" has led to a large nationwide shrug.

If the demonstration of preparedness of local and federal governments to act in the interests of the largest corporations and law-abiding American citizens equating the terrorists do not knock people out of their lethargy, then we deserve all that, of course, soon we'll get.

You need a special reason for concern about the spy scandal NSA? How do you do: you within the law protesting against the oil company in the city, were arrested and are now facing a court to federal charges of terrorist activities and to eternity behind bars. The evidence against you was collected by NSA wiretapping and spying on social networks, on the orders of the oil company that bought each senator sitting in the Committee on Intelligence in Washington.
Do you think it can not happen?

This is already happening.

Source:William Rivers Pitt | You, Terrorist, William Rivers Pitt, Truthout, June 19, 2013.


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