The American Littoral Combat Ship could not stand the test

U.S. Navy officials confirmed that the Gulf of Mexico before the ship caught fire Coronado. About this newspaper reported today Union Tribune San Diego.

Coronado_ (LCS_4)

The incident occurred on Friday, the second day running tests Coronado. The ship is reported to have withstood the test is not at full capacity. As a result, on the starboard side of the vessel ignited exhaust device. It is reported that the flames were extinguished immediately by the fire no one was hurt.

Manufacturer Coronado General Dynamic Corporation company does not comment on the situation. The incident could not oyasnit and spokesman for the shipyard Austal, where the ship was sent for repair. He addressed all the issues manufacturers and representatives of the Navy United States, which together lowered Coronado LCS 4 on the water in 2012.

LCS — the abbreviation of Littoral Combat Ship — Warship coastal zone. Its main task — to ensure safety of navigation in the territorial waters of the United States and the most important parts of the maritime industry, particularly in the Persian Gulf. Create Coronado took three years, the model being tested, is the third in the series. The vessel is capable of a speed of 45 knots and held 3,500 nautical miles without refueling.

At Coronado also be installed special equipment to perform a number of additional tasks such as rapid transport of cargo and 700 tons, anti-terrorism and anti-submarine defense, intelligence, and the elimination of sea mines and carrying out sabotage operations.

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