The American school has become a hotbed of vice


Why do men and women so difficult today to build their relationship? What is the impact this is having on the total "sexualization" of society?

If only wonder what will become obvious — today in the United States, we are subject to continuous bombardment promises of a sexual nature. If you saw a few weeks ago the football Super Bowl, it could be noted that most of the commercials were somehow related to the topic of sex, and shows featuring Beyonce would be more appropriate for a strip club. It was absolutely shameful. But today in America it is considered "normal."

We just adore sex and can not get enough of it. And, of course, the fruits of such a state of affairs in society are predictable. Every year there are 20 million cases of sexual transmission. We have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the world, and by some estimates one out of every four girls in the U.S. is sexually abused before becomes an adult.

This culture of sex power over our children from a very early age, and we can definitely say that American schools have become centers for the dissemination of "sexual deviancy*. "

Many people are focused on "sex education" as the main problem, but the truth is that it is hidden much deeper. Sex education takes the largest of several weeks. A much bigger problem is that the obsession with sex literally permeates our school. Parents would be horrified if they could hear the conversations between the two teenagers. Thanks to the endless brainwashing by the media, our teenagers become sexually preoccupied crowd.

All things are connected and are impregnated with a sexual sense, lust and sex never leave their mind. It does not disappear when dealing with the opposite sex (and sometimes the same sex). So why are we surprised that the students are having sex with each other in the corridors of schools? Is it any wonder that young teachers fuck their students behind closed doors?

We have created a society infected by sexual passion and have absolutely logical consequences:

— Among young people raging epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases. According to the latest figures released The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, annual fixed 20 million cases of infections, sexually transmitted, and Americans between the ages of 15 and 24 are approximately 50 percent these newly-infected.

— Most teenagers can not even pronounce the name of the disease, which is picked up from their sexual partners. In 2011, the U.S. hafiksirovano more than 1.4 million cases chlamydial infections. 33 percent cases occur in Americans under 20 years of age.

— Today one out of every four adolescent girls in the U.S. has at least one sexually transmitted disease. How high should jump the figure that we acknowledge there is a problem?

— Half of the of all high school students have had sex.

— When I was growing up, I do not remember any girl who became pregnant at my school. But today things have changed. It has been reported that 86 teenage girls Only one school in Memphis, Tennessee, were either pregnant or have recently given birth.

— The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate throughout the world — more than twice higher than in Canada more than three times higher than in France and more than seven times higher than in Japan.

— Often oral sex moves among the young, as a "safe" kind of sex. According to a shocking study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about two-thirds of all Americans between 15 and 24 years were engaged in oral sex.

— Sexual "experiments" among our teenagers reached unprecedented proliferation. According Recent research, sex between teenage girls in the U.S. is now at its highest level in history.

— In America today, sex in the hallways of the school has become commonplace. In a recent article about Detroit yet one of those

In Massachusetts, boys will now be able to freely use the toilets for girls, if it makes them feel more comfortable.

— The women in the under 30 years More than half of all children born out of wedlock.

— One out of every four children in the United States brought up a single parent.

— Subjected to the destruction of the family institution. Only 44 percent of all Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are married.

— Teachers keep up with all the young people and more likely to have sexual relations with their students. Only a couple of cases of many such 33-year-old art teacher from Arizona, accused of sex with their students; A teacher in Texas, a mother of three children, is accused of sex with five students. Another, from Georgia, is charged with sexenon with family! their students. These messages appear in the U.S. each day: Baseball coachDeputy sheriff and a teacherTeacherA former teacherPregnant Teacher

You begin to perceive a problem here? What you see is where you live? Do you see that U.S. schools have become hotbeds of vice?


Deviant behavior (deviation) — Social behavior deviating from accepted, socially acceptable in a particular society or social context. This includes many different types of behavior (profanity, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, football hooliganism, etc.) Some of them, which is associated with the violation of law is defined as a delinquent or criminal, and punishable by law. However, social condemnation and exposed a lot of acts that are not illegal, but which are determined by society as deviant or that "identification label" deviant.

Sociology studies the deviation as a socially conditioned phenomenon, as the views of the norm and deviation are related to the social context and vary in different societies and even subcultures. "Actions are not naturally good or bad; normality and deviation are determined socially." "The deviation is not the quality of the action committed by a person, but rather a consequence of the application of other rules and sanctions to the" offender ". (H.S.Bekker) Determination of the action as deviant in society presupposes the existence of a normative consensus — a fundamental agreement on basic values. However, modern society does not have the cultural unity and consensus of value, for it is characteristic of a wide diversity of values and norms. In this situation, the difference between the norm and deviation becomes uncertain, more and more local, group, and social reaction to the deviation is not universal, and socially limited. Therefore, the main issue is the question of who determines the deviation in society, "to label" deviance.

Some sociologists believe that all people are in some way deviant, because no one fully corresponds to the social ideal, the canons of socially acceptable behavior. Sociology studies deviation related to the mechanisms of socialization. Deviation is the product of certain social processes that lead to the loss of individuals from the "normal" roles and groups that limit their access to regular roles and activities to take their valuables deviant culture. The result becomes deviant self-determination and "deviant career" that lead to social isolation, further increasing the probability of further deviance.

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Sexual "education of children" — deeply unscientific and dangerous! The report of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, 2012

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