The Americans began to buy perfume, zombie repellent


Famous American perfume company released a fragrance designed to protect people against the hordes of zombies.

Perfume created in two versions: for men and women. Design of the bottle have a simple style — a label decorated with images of the dead with the words: "Zombies for him" and "Zombies for her."

According to the authors of unusual perfume perfume has become the first person weapons in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

In the flavor composition "Zombie for it" includes notes of dried leaves, mushrooms, mold, moss and earth. In the female version of this ingredient is added as a "sediment from the bottom of the wine barrel."

The cost of new items is $ 20 for 30 ml and 39.5 dollars per 118 milliliters.

Recall that the Americans have long been ready to seize the world of zombies. A few weeks before the previously announced end of the world, U.S. residents massively bought up weapons and food. Now the object of increased demand were the new perfume that promise to save a man from the zombies.

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