The Americans struck alcohol on fat

More than a million people in the United States between the ages of 16 and 30 years trying to lose weight with the help of alcoholic beverages. Such a strange and unnerving conclusion professor at the University of California (University of California) and experts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to experts, drankoreksiya (Drunkorexia) is currently one of the most dangerous people in the Republic. This extreme weight loss method, unfortunately, is still not officially recognized as a mental disorder. Therefore, some obese Americans (mostly women) naively believe it effective and safe.

26-year-old Tina from California — a typical "fan" of alcohol diet. She weighed 216 pounds and have tried many ways to lose weight that does not bring the desired result. Friends advised the girl drinking more alcohol. They say that alcohol contains a minimum of calories, and dulls the hunger after prolonged use.
As a result, Tina dropped 120 pounds overweight for four months, becoming a thin alcoholic. "Before, I could eat two huge sandwich at a time, and now even the chips are piling on with my work" — she wrote in the online blog by posting photos of before and after "diet".

Effect has been staggering. Obese girlfriend Tina began to envy. They are not embarrassed even unhealthy skin look dull and grown thin girl. They quickly found drankoreksii variety of excuses: Alcohol is freely available, alcohol cheaper prescription pills for weight loss and especially surgery, it is not necessary to play sports during the alcohol diet.

Drankoreksiya quickly gained popularity thanks to social networks and the "revelations" thinner. Moreover, this method has received a deadly involuntary approval in popular culture. Skinny girls and boys with pale faces and glasses of wine in the hands of the steel for many teens and young adults the standard of beauty.

"It's hard to imagine how many people have died and more will die from drankoreksii — worried nutritionist Bert Mansell. — Today, no one agency does not keep such statistics, so in society, this method of weight loss is considered to be safe and effective. The dead, unfortunately, to dispel this myth can no longer. "

18-year-old Aisha from Minnesota, decided to try out the alcohol diet, when the parents of two weeks left to stay with relatives. She used a beer for breakfast, lunch, wine and vodka with energy for the night. Two days later, she could not look at food. She is constantly sick, but it increased the dose of alcohol. Ultimately, Aisha fainted in the street and fell in intensive care with severe poisoning.

28-year-old Kristen from New York decided to lose 40 extra pounds with the help of regular consumption of wine. As she worked on the computer at home, she would not have to worry about the smell (fumes) from the mouth. During the four weeks of the experiment Kristen weakened immunity so that they began to fall out teeth and hair. However, the stomach refused to take food, and she had to call an ambulance. Doctors miraculously pulled Kristen from the dead.
It should be noted that not only the subject drankoreksii female.

In Florida, 19-year-old Carl decided to "dinner" a glass of spirits until until no excess pounds. Alcohol he stole from a parent bar, and used in his room. Teenager deliberately drank more than normal in order to provoke the gag reflex. Charles declined the breakfast every morning because he was tormented by a hangover.

This "experiment" over the fact that one night the body was covered with Karl allergic rash. Prostrate body thus made it clear that without the vitamins, minerals, and proper food, he can not live. Scared teenager told about what happened in the social network and advised classmates to "never repeat its mistakes."

One of the reasons drankoreksii, according to researchers, is a well-established habit of the youth society "to drink more and eat less." For example, in nightclubs food never is in demand, and sometimes non-existent. As a result, young people drinking to unconsciousness, and goes home in the morning. "America is in need of federal law, binding to sell alcohol by the glass only with food — says psychiatrist Philip Irving. — This is as logical as to get from supermarket cashier a plastic bag of purchased products. "

It is difficult not to agree with Irving. According to statistics from the organizations leading the fight against alcoholism, an ordinary visitor nightclub drinks per visit four drink (glass of beer, a glass of vodka, whiskeys, wine glasses, etc.) No food this dose is sufficient to cause harm to the body strongest, addicted to drankoreksii.

Moreover, the use of pure alcohol welcomed by many fraternities (fraternity) and sororities (sorority), existing in colleges and universities. Every year there are several tragic incidents in which young people are dying from the large amount of alcohol drunk on an empty stomach. Sometimes the older "brothers and sisters" make them lose weight this way.

Now the most important thing. Many parents know how to recognize a child's drug addict or a victim of school sadists, but the symptoms drankoreksii most moms and dads are not known. In Alaska, there was a case when a 17-year-old girl under the influence of alcohol dropped three-quarters of its weight, and the parents until the last moment thought that she plays sports. Truth mom and dad found out when her daughter complained of pain in the liver and passed diagnostics.

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