The anniversary of the so-called criminal bombing of Prague Allies


Today is a rather interesting, though tragic day: the anniversary of "accidental" bombing of Prague, done February 14, 1945, the U.S. Air Force. Like a bolt from the blue, on the residential quarters of the historic center of Prague, bombs rained down. It was like a hell of a sudden, as soon flown 60 aircraft B-17 Flying Fortess, who dropped the most densely populated areas of the city 152 bombs.

No one could understand — why the Americans decided to strike at the Prague? What for? What's the point?

However, when the initial shock, the explanation was clearly — "allies" to the Soviet Union wanted to show the power of its bombers, and, at the same time, to cause maximum damage to the industry, so she did not get to us. Not for nothing then we were reproached for the fact that the socialist bloc technological and industrial development is worse (because the "Western critics" themselves and take care to complicate our lives, sabotage, it was a lot of different, and after the war and during it) . 

The Yalta Conference, where the leaders of the victorious countries agreed on the lines delimiting areas of their actions: where troops have to go in a country, and where not, ended February 11, and in the night from 12 to 13 February allies in tatters bombed Dresden, who was part of the area of our operations. The Americans destroyed three bridges over the Elbe to keep promoting our troops bombed, that we have not got, large industrial facilities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other regions. By the way, when in 1941 we have offered the British and Americans bombed using Crimean airfields, oil fields in Ploesti (Romania), they did not do as well in 1944, when a gas station to the main Germany approached our troops hit on her.

 Later, when the Americans asked for an explanation about the destruction of Prague, their version was announced, almost mocking: they said that all sixty bombers off course, and that in fact they are, at first, wanted to bomb Dresden. Prague is bombed by accident!

Although the Dresden bombing itself, and the other cities of East Germany was no longer necessary, but the Americans and the British bombed-still, carefully turned into ruins almost everything that could get all Russian, that is to serve us in the reconstruction of their own industry. Victims of the air raids were so many, the "mistake" was bombed and the prisoner of war camp.

In Prague, the same February 14, 1945 has been destroyed more than a hundred unique historic buildings, dozens of important engineering and industrial facilities, but more importantly, killed 701 people and injured 1184 people! Remember these numbers! Seven people were killed just because of the fact that "the Americans made a mistake," taking off to bomb.

In the last twenty years, we all ears buzz about the so-called "Prague Spring", which portrayed as a kind of liberation revolution that was crushed by the Soviet regime. In fact, it was a simple political provocation, using the "orange technologies", as we might say today. Western provocateurs corny applied all those tried and tested the impact of the scheme, which they used in Romania, immediately after the war (but Stalin then very skillfully put out the infection), and in Hungary in 1956, and, of course, more recently, in our times. But then we did not know much, and the Czechs had no idea about a lot, because that provocation, in the eyes of many people, looked like something elemental.

Fortunately, the Prague rebellion in 1968, managed to neutralize, put out in a relatively short time, and because of that we, and the whole world had another twenty years to live in peace, grow and not be aware of everything that struck in 1991. If the "Prague Spring" was not extinguished immediately, the war in Yugoslavia, the Caucasus, all of the many provocations, death, broken lives, and the death of our population and industry would start earlier. Provocation in Prague, it was necessary to pay off, restoring the balance of power in Europe, in its place, do not allow the West to eat a piece of the territory that was won by us in battle.

Now, attention! During the suppression of the Prague uprising in 1968, in total, was less than a hundred victims, the vast majority of deaths not directly from the actions of the military forces of "Warsaw Pact" and casualty incidents from the hustle bustle. And most importantly, we did not think to bomb Prague, it's just that Americans are bombing — Belgrade and Baghdad, and Prague "by accident", nothing of what happened in Vietnam, and I will not speak.
But here it is the comparison: less than a hundred victims of the operations in 1968, which solved a lot, and was necessary for the Soviet people, and to the stability of the entire world! And can this be compared with the seven hundred deaths from "accidental raid?"

All the past twenty years, so that there is much more we were talking about the "evil Soviet villain," creating violence in Prague, but not a word that was seven times more monstrous — the cynical actions of the U.S. military, which took place in the same historical period a little earlier. At seven times more casualties, ten times more injured, and no official purpose only secret sabotage.

But all the propaganda presented as if the Americans — the good and the Russian — bad, it is still bad, but thanks to the Russian-Czechoslovakia was reconstituted and then, in spite of all the "Munich Agreement" and the actions of the German "evrointegratorov."

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