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For three and a half months in the entrance number 2 five-storey building in the Red Sulin happening what simply can not be.

…Already seeing me, Valentine Sinyavina sadly nods to the baseboards in the hallway ceiling.
They smeared with something yellow.
— It's there in the hallway lay eggs. And suddenly began to fly up to the ceiling and beat — she says.
For three and a half months in the entrance number 2 five-storey building in the Red Sulin happening what simply can not be.

"Sparks were running down the walls"

…The house itself is number 26 on the street Brotherly well, very ordinary. Another strong, good-looking five-storey building with white and red bricks. Well-worn asphalt yard, neat porches.
— It all started fifth of December — says, letting the apartment, pensioner Zinaida Dmitrievna PODGORNAYA.

On that day, until the street was still light, she suddenly exploded with noise and scattered all bulbs and lamps (although the light of a woman is not included). And the whole apartment was strewn with glass. Such "miracles" have occurred in about half of the apartments in the entrance.

And all of December with light to create something strange: he proffer burning appliances, people attributed to the dump blown TV. Steel mass to melt and break down electricity (although they are new, installed during the overhaul), burning outlet.

— That's not just my light bulb burned out. And all the meat from the chuck wall vomited — Irina Stepantsova leads to the arch in the kitchen.
In the arch recess lights: Chuck pulled out all the meat. Its like a small explosion knocked out.
— So we are to the cartridge for another two hours could not touch: it was as if boiling water is so hot — she explained.

But most people are not lucky number 28 apartments on the third floor. 17 years old live in the apartment labor veteran, former social worker Lydia D. Zhukov. However, when the apartment is in fact become "unmanageable", there is actually settled for a while and daughter-in-law with Svetlana. On the walls ran a spark. Current beater from the walls, panels, kitchen sink, the toilet, towel warmer, etc. Sockets stung and melted and were replaced — they melted a second time. And it was, as it turned out, only the beginning of troubles.

Glasses, scissors, combs flew …

In January, electrical poltergeist just gone sour, but occasionally still made itself felt (the house electricians inspected dozens of times, but the cause of blowout devices running on the walls of sparks and not detected).
— We were relieved — says, sitting on the edge of his chair and staring at the floor, Valentine Sinyavina.
…And in February, started the unthinkable.
— I will tell as to the spirit, — says Valentina Yu. — When my mom first told me that the TV remote … suddenly flew, my husband and I laughed. And then it started happening before our eyes: flew across the room and board. He has so much since then flew and fought against the walls that barely "alive" — takes from the coffee table wrapped with tape control. — Began flying scissors, bowls of candy, tubes of cream …
Part of the anomalies had been created in front of the neighbors.
— I remember once went to Vale — says Irina Stepantsova — and five centimeters above the ground, in the air, the batteries from the remote dance. No, it will not forget …

— Or I go to Mitrivne, we sit and talk. Suddenly comb it rises from the cabinet and flies through the air, I was dumbfounded. Then a miracle happened — Zinaida Podgornaja picks. — Has come to it with the phone in your pocket. I wanted to see how much time w. She took out a mobile phone, and it suddenly threw up my hands, tossed up into the ceiling and then hit the floor. The case was bent, broken … I had to buy a new phone …

In the same apartment nehoroshey events unfolded on the rise: in addition to flying objects, has become (not every day, and the waves — then nothing, then suddenly begins, explain the owners) jump containers with water — a bucket, decanter … Water pours … Then the eggs left in the tray in the hallway (Sinyavina asked to cut off the electricity, a refrigerator turned off, the products are stored in the hallway, where it's cooler), suddenly began to explode or fly up and beat on the door, on the ceiling. The survivors carried on the balcony. An hour later, started the same thing: chicken and eggs flew with cotton exploded, filling the balcony windows and ceiling. Part of the ceiling with spots yolks and stuck with pieces of shell Valentine Yu has not had time to wash.

Contrary to the laws of physics

…But on February 28 she was already really scary. Mom she had long carried to her, came into the mother's apartment to clean up.

— Was about to leave, suddenly look: my boots, which took off in the hallway, began to dance. Not astounded, because a couple of times this happened … But what started out more … You see closet — she nods at an empty cupboard behind me. — We're all out of there after that PE was removed, tableware, dinnerware until the neighbors. And then it suddenly pull, comb. I rushed to him, trying to keep. With one hand, hold the second call to her husband: "Victor, run here." The washing machine also has bounce, capsized. And then we opened our kitchen cabinet and from there flew everything — plates, forks, knives. And the knives were sailing scary — point forward. The heavy wooden cutting board flew out into the hallway, fell in the hallway. Lightweight plastic flew as crockery, right here in the room. Zagartseval refrigerator.

When my husband came running, Sinyavina called the police: "Do not think that I'm crazy, but what do we do?"
And late at night, when the police squad left, went neighbors (one of them, too, was stunned by seeing prancing fridge) and Sinyavina back to themselves, they called to say: come back to your apartment again rattles and gasps, and in the stairwell — the smell of gas. Sinyavina trembling hand opened the door all the burners on the gas stove were lit by someone unknown to the maximum, although the tap on the pipe was closed.

…Valentine Sinyavina not know where to look for help. She appealed to the police, the Emergencies Ministry, the CPS. She replied: "It is not in our line," "Call a psychic", "Sanctify the apartment." Letter demanding tenants understand porch attributed the Head of Administration Krasnosulinsky district.
…And scare people out of the blue calls to mobile Sinyavina.

— I began to notice: my mother has lived with me all of a sudden she comes from a call on my cell, — she says quietly. — The screen displays: "Mom." I ran to her, and she did not call or even sleeping. We have examined my mother's phone, put the battery in the box separately, "sim card" of the case. I gave the box to Ira Stepantsova, which lives on the fifth floor.

A call to dismantle the phone against all the laws of physics are continuing.
— Just recently we went to Val, — says Irina Stepantsova. — And again, calling her cell phone. We look at the screen, "Mom." Although the phone is disassembled in a box in the next room …

PS One of these days, to have evidence Sinyavina put in a flat camera.

"The cause of the anomalies can be quite earthy '
— I am without any skepticism to the phenomena to which people are complaining about in the Red Sulin. If that is their wish, we can examine and apartment and house — said the "AIF in the Don" mathematician, expert in a Rocket Systems, and last Consultant police Rostov region Vladimir Miroshnik anomalous phenomena. — Twice in my life I saw a very similar appearance. The first time was 15 years ago. The events took place in Chaltyr in a private house.

Then it was a sensational story, which was reported in the media. The house suddenly started flying kitchen utensils, dishes. Personally, in my eyes, and the eyes of other people went, slowly, through the air … leather "diplomat". But there was a terrible misfortune Krasnosulinskaya — and even inadvertent ignition. Suddenly began to light up objects, even those that can not burn at all — unpainted concrete wall and other fire truck there was on duty around the clock. Another example — the risk of fire in the print shop in Semikarakorsk: stack of paper suddenly caught fire by itself. And I and others have witnessed the flight of objects in the "bad apartment" in the Western district of Rostov.

Before our eyes, flying cup. Often the explanation is still quite earthly — intensification of geopathic zones (such zones are near power lines, near water sources, railways, etc.), or a sharp change in the usual electromagnetic field. (Now Miroschnik — Laboratory deviant risk factors at Rostov University building in which the study including the effect of the abnormal areas on construction sites. — Revision).

Why flying objects? No matter how striking it sounds, there is already evidence of this fact, the gross change of electromagnetic radiation can cause a person telekinesis — the ability (not understanding) to mentally move objects. And it is necessary to examine not only flat, but the house: the reason may lie in some specific equipment used neighbors. This phenomenon can also be related to the existence of parallel worlds. But this is a separate and long talk …

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