«The Brain» electronic intelligence turned trash

New sverhtehnologichny base distribution system simulation environment (DCGS-A) did not meet the expectations of the U.S. military.
DCGS-A system is the basis of the intelligence network of the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. Yet, on the conclusion of the military itself, a powerful system was expensive stuff: it constantly breaks down and vulnerable to attack.

DCGS-A system is an information network for data processing and management intelligence and drums flying platforms, such as the U-2 Dragonlady, RQ-4 Global Hawk, MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1 Predator. System is deployed around the world, consists of 450 servers and collects the largest number of disk imaging on the battlefield from the video camera spy plane, to the phone calls of terrorists and enemy radio communications fighter.

This system cost of $ 2.3 billion was supposed to ease administration of the fleet of American flying boats, but it turned out the opposite.

As they say the findings military expert committee, which in May tested the DCGS-A, the system is constantly plagued breakage. Thus, every 5.5 hours requires restart due malfunction. Not counting hardware problems, there are software. For example, operators often need to use multiple windows to perform tasks one that slows down and leads to errors, especially taking into account that often need to convert data into different formats.

DCGS-A has become a prerequisite for severe contradictions in the American army. Namely, in 2010, the Marine Corps, special operations forces and military intelligence stubbornly try to introduce an alternative system under the title Palantir. But their efforts will come across resistance Pentagon. Rejection of more reliable Palantir motivated by the fact that DCGS-A broader abilities. So, DCGS-A can work with 473 sources, preparing to 75,000,000 razvedsvodok and Palantir — only a few hundred thousand.

Yet, the findings made during operation DCGS-A, the Pentagon was forced to sign an agreement with the developers of Palantir. According to the agreement, some particularly good decisions Palantir will be used in the system DCGS-A.

Example DCGS-A indicates that the introduction of massive global intelligence and control systems due to the imperfections of modern technology now involves great difficulties. It would take decades to develop truly reliable samples. But having a system like DCGS-A displays the ability Army a completely new level and will be compensated even very huge waste of money.

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