The capital city of New Zealand threatens massive tsunami

September 28, 2013. Scientists from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research of New Zealand warned that the nation's capital, the city of Wellington, in the event of an earthquake with magnitude of at least 7 threatens massive tsunami.

Tremors of such force to cause a massive landslide in the canyon, which is located at the bottom of the Cook Strait, 10 km from the coastal areas of the city. Derailment of land just can cause a wave that hit the capital in 12 minutes after the earthquake.

Geologist Joshu Mountjoy indicates that about one in every 100 years in the canyon at the bottom of the Cook Strait is a landslide that moves 50 million cubic meters of rock. However, in the XX century, the region has not happened so strong earthquakes that could cause a tsunami.

Worst-case scenario, according to the Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, is that the tsunami height 10.3 meters, the number of victims — 2,3 thousand people, the number of wounded — 4.8 thousand, economic loss of 5.3 billion NZ dollars, writes edition of The New Zealand Herald.

In 1855, east of Wellington, in the Wairarapa region, there was an earthquake of magnitude 8.2. The result was a tsunami, whose height ranged from eight to two meters, depending on the terms of its landfall.

Source: News Gismeteo

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