The capital of Romania hurricane

May 25, 2013. On the eve of Bucharest strong tornado swept through. As a result of the disaster 18 people received injuries of various degrees of severity, one of the victims was seriously injured and is now in a coma.

Approximately 17,000 residents remained without electricity. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, the wind speed reached 80 km / h The hurricane caused the partial collapse of the roof of residential house, tearing the roots of trees and overturned dozens of billboards.

Four planes, which at the moment of the hurricane was in the air on the way to Bucharest, were forced to land in the Black Sea port of Constanta. Within an hour of the capital took emergency services more than 500 calls. On the streets of Bucharest were sent about 200 police to normalize the traffic.

According to meteorologists, the cause of the storm — the collision of warm air coming out of Africa, and the cold north-west front.

Source: News Gismeteo

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