The Center Computer vision and image analysis semantic

As part of a special economic zone "Zelenograd" (site "MIET") With the participation of "ELVIS-NEOTEK" for the first time in Russia created Innovation Center of Computer Vision (video analysis).

Innovation Center Computer Vision (Video analysis) is based on two sites: the University of MIET and the territory of "ELVIS-NEOTEK."

It is equipped with advanced specialized experimental, diagnostic, metrology, scientific, technological and industrial equipment.

The specialists of "ELVIS-NEOTEK» read lectures on video analytics for graduate students.

One of the main goals of the Center is the development of objective methods of testing and validation of algorithms for video analysis of domestic and foreign developers, as currently proposed to assess the quality of the video analytics market is possible only on the subjective statements of representatives of companies. 

This leads to serious frustration of consumers and hampers the development of the market.

"ELVIS-NEOTEK" is a leading domestic developer and manufacturer of security systems and business monitoring based computer vision.

Currently, using computer vision Orwell 2k successfully accomplish the following tasks:

  • event detection (move, move, crossing the permissible lines and borders, throwing of objects over the fence, etc.);
  • detection of dangerous situations (crowd of people left objects, fire, smoke, running a red light, etc.);
  • counting people and vehicles;
  • license plate recognition;
  • others.

Video surveillance system with computer vision Orwell 2k development "ELVIS-NEOTEK" is used to clock all-weather protection facilities.

The system detects the event (left objects, fire, etc.), classifies the target (person, group of people, car, etc.). These features allow you to automate the detection of offenders, improve safety, reduce the negative impact of the human factor, reduce the number of CCTV operators.

Orwell 2k system applied at various sites:

  • oil and gas sector,
  • transport infrastructure (airports, railways, license plate recognition for traffic police)
  • industry, etc.

In addition to achieving security system based on video analytics Orwell 2k able to solve business problems. For instance, Video System Counting Statistics allows for the collection and analysis of market information in real time (counting, monitoring the activity of people in certain areas, etc.).

High accuracy of the data obtained as a result of systems with video analytics Orwell 2k the development of "ELVIS-NEOTEK" confirmed widespread use in markets and business security monitoring.

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