The collection of hilarious tales for children «Struwwelpeter»

The book "Petka-Slut" was published in Germany in 1844. It was written by the Frankfurt psychiatrist Heinrich Hoffmann specifically for your child. After some time, the collection came to the general public, and it was very warmly received. The book was reprinted many times and translated into other languages. Today «Struwwelpeter» — one of the most popular children's books in the West.

Here are some of the original stories of her.

Scary story Gerriet

Little Gerriet was alone at home and decided to play with matches.

Fire from matches suddenly exchanged a dress on a girl, and Gerriet burned. Two cats have all seen, but could not do anything about it. They are left alone to mourn the girl. From an abundance of feline tears formed a pond. The end.


Story of a boy who liked to suck his thumb

There once was a boy Conrad, and he loved to suck her fingers. Once, when leaving the house, my mother ordered the boy to quit a bad habit, because in its absence may come lanky tailor hunted that cuts off the fingers of children, they suck.

It is said, but did not. Conrad sucked his finger. Tailor-overgrown boy came and otchikal slobbering fingers. The end.

History of Augusta, who did not want to eat the soup.

It's simple. The boy stopped eating soup. Do not eat, lost weight and died. End


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