The Congress of American Nazis in Atlanta


In late April, the Nazi Party USA NSM held its annual convention in Atlanta. Nazism is not in the U.S. rejection of the authorities — there believe that it is cheaper to legalize such marginal forces than to get them to terror.

NSM (National Socialist Movement) was incorporated in 1974. Its membership is about 400 people, the party has cells in 35 states. NSM guide says that the number of their supporters up to 50 thousand people, and they do not enter the party, not to catch the eye of the security services.


NSM heyday came in the years 2005-2011, when it was led by the young and charismatic Jeff Hall. His personal popularity says the following fact: in 2010, he ran for city council in his town of Riverside (Southern California) and received 27.5% of votes. However, in the end, he still took second place in the election and was held in the city council.

In 2011, Jeff Hall was shot to death, as is the investigating authorities, my 10 year old son. Party colleagues do not believe in this version, and it is said that Hall took her Mexican Mafia, which NSM prevented its fight against illegal migration.


Illegal migration and the fight against homosexuality — these are the two main areas of activity NSM. U.S. laws allow citizens to come together in a people's militia and within it do some of the police and security functions. Nazis are a lot of teams involved along the border with Mexico catching illegal migrants. Doing this in Southern California and Jeff Hall and his team.



Today NSM leader Jeff Shoep considered the father of 8 children and the Huntsman, whose family lives on velfer (in particular, receives food stamps). But the informal head of the preacher is often called Bill White, who gradually transforms NSM from "pure Nazism" in the National-Anarchism (he was among the leaders of the party even when Jeff Hall). In particular, the White sees America as an ideal network "communes of white people living an honest living on the earth." In support of his views, he refers to the founding fathers of the United States, most of them former slave owners, and worked on the land or in the craft.



From time to time, the U.S. authorities to seize members of the NSM, accusing them of something in the attacks on workers, the rapes and thefts. By the way, the previous head of the party Jeff Hall was on probation for theft (with his wife) of computer equipment by 4 thousand dollars. In this way, the authorities are trying to cool the heat of Nazi aggression, not allowing that to feel impunity.



NSM holds a convention every year (rally), each time in a new city in America. This time it was on April 20 in Atlanta, GA. The event came out triumphant — the Congress approved the accession to the party of another Nazi group, TWP (The White Preservationists; «White Defenders"). Congress traditionally attend allies NSM — Ku Klux Klan and other Nazi groups in America.

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