The consequences of a tornado March 2, 2012

The consequences of a tornado March 2, 2012 Natural Disasters

Despite the fact that the weather forecast the Midwest threatened tornado 5 times a year, no one expects the wind cave in their city. This year, as a precaution thousands of schoolchildren in several U.S. states were sent home, and some schools do not open.


Powerful storms and hurricanes destroyed several small towns in the south of the state, whole rows of houses razed to the ground, destroyed many buildings and school buses otshvyrnuv house and restaurant.

Stunned residents Genrivillya roamed the city in search of relatives, while rescuers helped extract survivors from the wreckage. Chaos and panic created a power outage, land and mobile lines, but that did not stop some people to help in the form of food and water.

The building of the high school and the second floor Genrivillya school were destroyed. Chairs were scattered in the adjacent areas to schools, many trees uprooted, cars beaten by hail the size of a tennis ball. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. Ernie Hall, a 68-year-old resident Genrivillya reports that he was at home when the storm began to approach the school, scattering debris around. Together with his wife they blocked the doors with mattresses, but the windows were still broken.


On the territory of Kentucky have passed at least three tornadoes, and though there were no casualties, fire department, rural buildings and many houses were destroyed, leaving more than 23,000 households without electricity.

Alabama and Tennessee

These states were also affected by a powerful cyclone. As a result of strong winds and hail in Tennessee was destroyed to the ground more than 20 homes and injured 29 people.

Once in April 2011 as a result of 60 tornadoes killed 254 people, preparing for a tornado was part of everyday life for the residents of Alabama. This year, there were no casualties, but 40 houses razed to the ground and more than 100 severely damaged. March 2, almost all children are in school, when the hurricane struck the building. Fortunately, no one was hurt, as students waited in the corridors of the cyclone. This day was also a report of destruction in the maximum security prison, 15 kilometers from Huntsville. None of the 2,100 prisoners had not escaped, as it was destroyed only a portion of the perimeter fence, and the building remained intact.


During a storm in Ohio killed 3 people. In the city of Moscow destroyed gas station and more than 60 houses, some of them leaving only the base.


In a small Southern town residents do not have time to recover from the events of February 29, the siren warning of the next tornado, filled Harrisburg. As a result of several days of raging winds, six people were killed and over 100 injured, 250 to 300 homes damaged or destroyed. In the next 48 hours rescuers and volunteers arrived on the scene to provide the necessary assistance.

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