The consequences of offending their loved ones



Insulting the parents to some extent equivalent to insult the saints. If a man insults his father, he will have difficulties in order to occupy a high position in society.

It does not matter whether his father fallen man or not, in any case, if someone thinks of his father a bad man, he will have to experience difficulties in his career, besides, it can develop a variety of intractable diseases, poor digestion and poor immunity.

In the horoscope of a planet and the fate of man Sun represents the father, and if a person is treated badly by his father, he loses good contact with this planet.

In the glow of the sun is a special, extremely subtle energy, which is not capable of capturing the art appliances. In the Vedas it is called supreme Tejas. If a person is behaving correctly, then this energy brings him respect in society, gives good health, good digestion and a strong immune system. If he behaves badly, then this energy destroys all of the above. So people will suffer to the extent to which he criticizes his father.

Why did not need to criticize his father, even if he is completely descended person? The soul does not choose himself the father. The soul is involved in a family just because these people have a similar fate and the same taste of happiness. The soul does not choose, the similarity of taste fortunately acts like a magnet, and the process itself does not give any control.

Criticizing his mother, a person is deprived of peace, vitality, restful sleep. Criticizing the mother of a young man deprived of the opportunity to get a good wife, as well as criticizing his father, a woman loses the opportunity to get a good husband. In the horoscope of human destiny planet Moon represents the mother, and if the person is treated badly by the mother, then loses good contact with this planet. Fine power that radiates moon is called the higher Ojas. This force is able to bring a person or a permanent pacification, or, conversely, a constant concern.

If people still criticize their parents or older, it needs to ask for their forgiveness. Even if they do, indeed, behave ignorantly, and even then he has to ask for forgiveness — if not out loud, but in the mind.

Holy man to ask for forgiveness aloud.

If a person does not know who to ask for forgiveness, he should pray and ask for forgiveness from everyone.

If a man insults his peers, for example, friends and comrades who badly educated, in this case, you need to ask for forgiveness in mind and when you meet them behave cordially, as if nothing happened. If his friends are good men, be sure to ask for forgiveness aloud. In general, the offense is considered to be equal to men less sinful act. For a person suffering, but not as much.

Apologize — it's a very big austerity, but it makes a person truly attractive. The great sage Chanakya Pandit said: "The beauty of a cuckoo — in her singing, the beauty of women — in its pure devotion to her husband, the beauty of a monster — in his teachings and the beauty of the ascetic — in its ability to forgive."

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