The consequences of the floods in Mexico

September 19, 2013. Residents of Chilpancingo — the capital of the Mexican state of Guerrero, trying to cope with the consequences of floods — the strongest in decades. Streets and houses cleaned of silt and debris at a local school has a place of temporary residence.

Many regions of the country are still flooded, and the authorities are trying to provide aid to tens of thousands of people cut off from the mainland.

The floods were caused lasting several days at a time of heavy rainfall. They were brought into the country just two tropical storms — "Manuel" and "Ingrid". Across the country, killing at least 57 people. In general, affected about one million inhabitants.

The situation in Acapulco, still recalls the chaos. The popular tourist resort also flooded, causing some days he can not be off about 40,000 tourists. Now they are taken to the military aircraft on a military base — pandemonium. In addition, the city has looters, looting shops flooded.

On Tuesday, Mexican authorities of the federal and provincial levels have held meetings, which discussed ways to help people. For rescue operations would send more military and police. People living in remote villages will deliver provisions. Will also be taken for the prevention of epidemics.

Rosario Robles, Minister of Social Development of Mexico, "President Enrique Pena Nieto instructed to strengthen efforts to deliver food to the population, and immediately begin to check the condition of homes affected people."

Also works on clearing silt and stones tunnel that provides access to the cities of Acapulco and Chilpancingo.

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On Mexico disaster struck a double blow

September 19, 2013. Tropical storm "Manuel", which is raging in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico, has increased to the level of a hurricane. According to forecasters, the wind speed reaches its epicenter in the one hundred and twenty miles an hour, and in the next few hours it reaches land. This weekend, on the part of the Atlantic hurricane hit the country, "Ingrid", and Mexico was under the double blow. Element has already claimed the lives of at least 80 people. Another 60 are missing after a landslide in Atoyac.

Serious damage was caused resort of Acapulco, where the damaged about five thousand buildings. Tens of thousands of tourists can not get out of town because the roads are flooded and littered with stones.

"The President said that every home will come and celebrate all the many injuries, then to give us the appropriate assistance. But until now, no one to come, and there was no help. No ".

From the disaster area have been evacuated eight thousands, tens of thousands are still waiting for evacuation. In rescue operations involving the air forces of the country. Double whammy disaster last seen in Mexico, more than half a century ago.

Source: Euronews


Mexico. Acapulco at the mercy of looters and alligators

September 19, 2013. Up to 80 increased the number of victims of the floods and mudflows in several Mexican states. Hurricane "Ingrid" and tropical storm "Manuel" simultaneously descended on Mexico from two sides — from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Now hurricane lost strength, but the threat of new showers remains.

Extensive damage caused famous resort of Acapulco, where damaged at least 5,000 houses, more than ten thousand tourists are held hostage situation. Both roads connecting the city with the Mexico City resort, filled up with mud and stones. Acapulco residents as they can fight the effects of flooding. They are trying to clean up the houses and shops.

Empty streets, filled with water, and left the building became a haven alligators and attract looters. It is reported that in the disaster areas, where residents have been evacuated, full-go looting of private homes and shops.

Just a different degree of the disaster affected about 1.2 million people. The last time a similar "double" impact of elements observed in Mexico in 1958.

Source: Euronews

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