The consequences of the floods in Somalia

May 10, 2013. Several southern regions of the East African state of Somalia, including Baidoa, Dzhovhar, Miido and Lower Shebelle badly affected by a succession of floods, triggered by weekly rainfall. In the Middle Shebelle thousands of people homeless, which is not surprising in a country where people sometimes live in huts of sticks, plastic sheeting, in cardboard boxes that are easy to break the flow of water.

Chances are that at the time of floods killed an entire family, consisting of 12 people. In the unenviable position are hundreds of families living in evacuation camp organized after the previous seasonal natural disasters such as floods and droughts, as well as military conflicts. Only in one camp located near Kabudvaaka 12,000 Somalis.

Conditions in these camps criticisms, and new flooding can lead to an outbreak of infectious diseases, contaminating the latest available sources of drinking water, and another wave of hunger. In this regard, the country has already started to receive humanitarian aid from various humanitarian organizations, so that at least this camp could break up and get people back in the basins flooded rivers Juba Shabelle in normal living conditions.


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