The crisis of consumer society

Last year, 94,000 young men and women have graduated from courses stylists and makeup artists, although the market for these, only 18,000 jobs. 83,000 received journalism and education piarnoe to fill 65,000 jobs. Thus on the 275,000 required by the construction industry places claiming 123,000 graduates, and 72,000 seats engineers — 40,000 graduates. Missing frames have to constantly bring in from abroad. In a normal country, where the normal system of educational services and the normal labor market, this simply can not happen.

Just in case: the figures are taken from me today "Guardian. " It is not in Russia and in the UK, where all the English. It is there need builders and engineers, but instead breed unemployed stylists, fitness trainers and public relations people.

All those hundreds of thousands of young British opting parikmaherstvo and fitness, spat on the invisible hand of the market. According to the invisible hand, all people should be torn to where they pay more. Well: Electrician gets 30,000 pounds a year, the usual builder — about the same as a crane operator — 30000.

A hairdresser — 9900 pounds. A fizruki administratoršej sports clubs and all sorts of — 8,3 thousand.

Among the intellectual professions, too, something strange: journalists, editors down to — earn 28,000 pounds, and an electrical engineer — 42,000 (by the way, the driver of the train as much.)

That is, the invisible hand of reason in the crucial area — labor — not only invisible, but also imperceptible. Somehow, in the backbone (infrastructure, research, medical, industrial and construction) industry that pays well, people do not want to go. And in every "sector light", where the pay is worse — wants. And this trend is systemic.

I have a version, dear readers, why's it.

The fact is that our European contemporaries — anyone Moscow or Yorkshire — first of all do not want to bathe and carry a big bulky responsibility. He has no particular desire to get up at six in the morning, put on armor construction boots and a sweatshirt, go work hard, come back late in the evening in a state of semi-corpses and rub another purged, stretched or bruised body part with a special gel, that tomorrow will not hurt much, because to work again. Even fewer had the desire to go hammer hamovatyh knowledge in children who at any time begin to complain to the authorities, or the strain of 10-15 years, getting tough expensive education, then to be responsible for anything complicated in construction or in the hospital.

But in the contemporary is like standing at the counter of a beautiful sports bar, ohmuryat clients (suddenly rich will fall) for free to swing, get a sports food at a discount, and sometimes — freeze and disconnect from the world, when a large television screens fitness club pass game favorite team. If we consider that in today's advanced fitness room done to the client could not itself dropped or otherwise damaged — there is even a special responsibility not. Life is not rich, but nenapryazhnye. In a pinch you can and earn salaries in excess of — for example, selling amphetamine or ecstasy.

And let's face it: it is difficult to blame the contemporary is that it can cause these simple human desire. After all, he lives in a society that no important task before us does not set for several decades, but very skillfully cultivates simple nenapryazhnye domestic happiness. Do you realize the poster "Go to metallurgists! Britain needs is your swimming trunks? " Such a call is difficult to justify. Especially at the very least until the metallurgists working Pakistanis, builders — Moldovans with Latvians, doctors — Hindus, and electricians — the Poles and other global zamkadyshi.

As a result, in short, we have "the effect of HG Wells': the inhabitants of the average Europeanized society does not want to be elite, and want to be eloyami. Well, or elves, if you will. That is mad struggle for status — it is not for them. And unrestrained consumption — is not for them. They are not willing to fight furiously for the product of mahogany, they have enough of the same plastics. Especially as any deshevok plastic around such an abundance that is, that even consume them — need a lot of free time. Have you tried to play in the Fruit Samurai? Then some. Modern developed world is so developed that the principle of life-light destroys the difference between "consumers" and "daunshiftera."

From classic uellsovoy circuit with reckless eloyami and underground proletarians-Morlocks this picture, however, is slightly different. Morlocks in HG Wells in "Time Machine" turned into a self-replicating race that was sitting at their machines, and even white light could not see, getting out only at night. And today we Morlocks — a one-off race. That is, they come from a world zamkadya, work on rough hardship posts, give birth to children — and those in the first, well, most of the second generation become Eloi and go on courses stylists.

Thus, the "light-civilization" is the usual pyramid, which requires a constant influx of outside people willing to strain. Thus to him, by the way, will be presented fewer requirements than those who did not agree to strain: candidates escort service so that you can choose the best of the best — but not so on metallurgy.

As a result, today all over the civilized world there is a curious pattern: the level of technology (created strained his minority) increased and the level of knowledge of most nenapryazhnye — falls. Despite all the "fierce competition."

Not too skilled doctors prescribe different medications filmmakers shoot movies with stupid fucking special effects, engineers riders operate highbrow programs, and semi-literate journalists and PR people kopipasta cunning tricks for decades been run impact on the target audience.

It would seem that it does not matter, when there is a camera, do not need as many portraitists. When there is a drop dead tablet — the doctor does not have to be Paracelsus himself to mix potions. But the thing is that in the basic, critical areas tehnologiziruetsya not all. For example, government has to deal with the ever-changing reality — and that worked well in the 1980s, today, suddenly refuses to work. Meanwhile, we have already seen that year, as the world's elite mutters something about needing recovery in the global financial system, even though everyone knows that the system does not need to reorganize and change radically.

The reason for this mumbling is simple: sit in the elites are people just like everywhere else. And most of them — are the same, in fact, nenapryazhnye Eloi, simply abandoned because of a biography or inherited in the control classes. To take greater responsibility and rough cut to the quick reality they need about the same as going to the hairdresser metallurgists. And even less: they personally tomorrow may retire and catch marlin on the warm islands of mulatto. For additional help, you can refer to Berlusconi or any former premiers of Latvia, living on about. Margarita, Venezuela.

Here, perhaps, is the time to ask the question: what do you do? In our opinion, the options are not: the only way to "Civilization Light" is a complete reorientation of society into the universal, compulsory and continuous development for everyone. The need for this was even 62 years ago is quite short and clearly expressed in the article, an old chairman of the Council of Ministers of one big country called "Ekonomicheskkie Problems of Socialism in the USSR"

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